Sunday Night Football Odds

The weekly NFL schedule is filled with appealing matchups, but fans know where to look for the marquee game of the week: Sunday Night Football.

Sunday Night Football is reserved for teams poised to make some noise in the coming (or ongoing) NFL season. Later in the year, the flex policy to move big games in or out of the Sunday Night line-up helps to insure that’s still the case.

Here’s a detailed look at what to expect from another exciting season of Sunday Night Football including the latest live Sunday Night Football odds for each matchup direct from legal US online sportsbooks.

Sunday Night Football Odds: Moneylines, Spreads, Totals

Looking for the best NFL odds for Sunday Night Football? See below for updated lines for each and every SNF game direct from legal US online sportsbooks. Use the drop-down menu to toggle between point spreads, moneylines and totals odds or to change your state. Click on any odds to go straight to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and start locking in your bet.

Who’s Playing Sunday Night Football this week?

When the NFL works on putting together the massive schedule each year, particular care is given to the Sunday Night Football time slot. SNF is filled with playoff teams from the prior season and those who look to be on the rise for the coming year. Later in the year, matchups that suddenly aren’t so intriguing can be swapped out via the flex policy. A more appealing game is moved in its place, while the original contest goes to the Sunday afternoon window.

Here’s what the Sunday Night Football schedule looks like for this season:

Week 1: Sept. 11

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 2: Sept. 18

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Week 3: Sept. 25

San Francisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos

Week 4: Oct. 2

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 5: Oct. 9

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Week 6: Oct. 16

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Week 7: Oct. 23

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins

Week 8: Oct. 30

Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills

Week 9: Nov. 6

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 10: Nov. 13

Los Angeles Chargers @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 11: Nov. 20

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 12: Nov. 27

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Week 13: Dec. 4

Indianapolis Colts @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 14: Dec. 11

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

Week 15: Dec. 18

New England Patriots @ Las Vegas Raiders

Week 16: Dec. 25

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals

Week 17: Jan. 1

Los Angeles Rams @ Los Angeles Chargers

Sunday Night Football Betting

nfl bettingSunday Night Football is a featured attraction at online sportsbooks. You’ll have a full range of betting opportunities to consider, including:

  • Moneyline bets: Pick the winner.
  • Point spread bets: Take the favorite minus the points or go with the underdog plus the number.
  • Totals (over/under) bets: Make your Over/Under call on the total points scored.
  • Prop Bets: Side bets on the game, many of which involve player performance.

Keep your eyes peeled for promotions surrounding SNF, such as special prop bet offers or odds boosts on the outcome.

Here’s an interesting way to get some extra bang for the buck: You can place a bet on the side and total at the same time, usually at positive odds. Known as a double or same-game parlay depending on the operator, you can find it among the “more wagers” option.

What are the Sunday Night Football Vegas Odds?

There’s no longer any need to take a trip to Las Vegas to find the best sports betting odds. Online sportsbooks in legal states – a list that continues to grow longer – are now providing odds right in line with what you’ll find out in the desert.

You can easily scope out the lines from multiple shops quickly and easily. Our live odds feed makes it even more painless as we gather the data from multiple sportsbooks so that you don’t have to.

Live Betting on Sunday Night Football

If you want to take your Sunday Night Football experience to a whole new level, then be sure to check out live (in game) betting. This has become a must-have feature at legal and regulated online sportsbooks and many of them go all out for primetime NFL games.

These are bets that are placed in real time as the action unfolds, so the market moves really fast. Here’s just a sampling of what you might see.

  • Which side will have more rushing yards in the first half – Cowboys or Eagles?
  • Who will throw for a TD first – Patrick Mahomes or Derek Carr?
  • What will be the result at the half – Patriots lead/Ravens lead/Tie?

Additionally, you’ll see additional spread, moneyline, and totals opportunities offered on the game as a whole and on certain snippets, such as just for the second half.

Sportsbook apps are a fantastic way to stay on top of these fast-moving markets, and many books have a featured section that’s dedicated solely to current and upcoming live betting opportunities.

Sunday Night Football Betting Trends & Tips

Historically, home favorites have been the safer bet in NFL primetime games, but this can vary on a season-to-season basis. This is especially true when we’re talking about moneyline versus point spread, so there’s unfortunately no hard and fast rule to lean on.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re completely out of luck when hunting for an edge. Here’s a handful of factors that could impact the proceedings.

  • Home/Road Splits: Teams that crush it at home should do the same when the lights are the brightest, while it’s unlikely that those that don’t travel well will turn it around all of a sudden.
  • Travel: Speaking of travel, know what’s what for both sides. Has either side been logging a lot of air miles lately? Teams wrapping up a lengthy road trip with a late game may have their eyes on the exits.
  • Primetime Performance: Some players and teams love the spotlight and don’t let it impact performance, while others can be thrown off kilter by games that deviate from the norm. Spend some time reviewing team performance in night games.

Learn more of the basics for betting on NFL football on our page here:

Sunday Night Football All-Time Records

Since 2006, SNF has made its home on NBC. A featured attraction of the NFL week, we have seen dozens of great games and impressive individual performances underneath the bright primetime lights. Here are some notable facts and figures to consider.

  • Team with most appearances: Dallas Cowboys, 54
  • Team with fewest appearances: Jacksonville Jaguars, 2
  • Highest scoring game: 83 points – twice: Eagles at Giants in 2009 and Chiefs at Patriots in 2018.
  • Lowest scoring game: 9 points – Saints vs. Buccaneers in 2021
  • Inter-conference matchups: AFC leads NFC 22-18

Which teams have played the most on Sunday Nights?

The modern era of SNF stretches back to 2006 when NBC took over the broadcast package from NBC. Since that time, several teams have been regular fixtures of the game. Others? Not so much. Here’s a look at the records of all NFL teams in this slot over that span, including postseason tilts which have been broadcast under the SNF banner.

Dallas Cowboys5429-25
New England Patriots4124-17
Green Bay Packers4123-18
Philadelphia Eagles4121-20
Pittsburgh Steelers4021-19
New York Giants3513-22
Indianapolis Colts3419-15
Seattle Seahawks3221-10-1
Chicago Bears3011-19
Kansas City Chiefs2713-14
New Orleans Saints2619-7
Denver Broncos2614-12
Minnesota Vikings238-15
Baltimore Ravens2212-10
Washington Commanders198-11
Los Angeles Chargers1811-7
San Francisco 49ers177-10
Atlanta Falcons146-8
Arizona Cardinals138-4-1
Los Angeles Rams137-6
Houston Texans137-6
Cincinnati Bengals131-12
Las Vegas Raiders93-6
Detroit Lions91-8
New York Jets85-3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers84-4
Carolina Panthers82-6
Buffalo Bills65-1
Tennessee Titans62-4
Cleveland Browns52-3
Miami Dolphins30-3
Jacksonville Jaguars21-1

What time does SNF start?

From Week 1 through 18 of the NFL regular season, Sunday Night Football comes our way at 8:20 P.M. The standalone primetime affair kicks off at the same time every week and is preceded by NBC’s Football Night in America at 7 P.M.

How to Watch Sunday Night Football

NBC is the exclusive broadcast home for NFL Sunday Night Football. The primetime game has been in the network family since 2006 when NBC took over its coverage from ESPN.

SNF is generally viewed as the marquee game of the NFL week, and league schedule makers do their best to ensure that’s the case. Upon the initial release of the schedule, the Sunday Night Football slot is filled with appealing matchups.

As the season moves along, games that looked great in advance of the season may suddenly not be so appealing. However, there’s an escape hatch for NBC in the form of flex scheduling.

This means that a game can be bumped up from the afternoon slate while the originally scheduled contest swaps places. It’s done to make sure that there’s a compelling game in the premiere broadcast window for the league.

The flex policy becomes all the more important when Week 18 rolls around. SNF serves as the final game of the regular season, so the NFL does its best to make sure the game has playoff implications.

How to Stream Sunday Night Football Live

NBC is one of the big four broadcast networks. As a result, it’s a staple of various cable, satellite, and cord cutting packages. The network has a vast reach and affiliates in multiple states, so the feed can be picked up with an HD antenna in multiple areas as well.

Streaming coverage is provided by the network for both online and mobile consumers. The former can visit, while the NBC Sports App is where you can find coverage of the game on the go. The Yahoo Sports app also has a feed for NFL primetime games.

Who are the Sunday Night Football announcers?

2022 will bring a change to the booth that hasn’t happened since 2009, as Mike Tirico will replace Al Michaels on play-by-play for Sunday Night Football. Cris Collinsworth provides the color analysis, as he has since 2009 when he replaced the legendary John Madden. Melissa Stark handles the sideline reporting duties with Terry McAulay on board as the rules expert. The Spanish commentary team has Jorge Andres and Carlos Mauricio Ramirez in their Universo booth.

Sunday Night Football vs. Monday Night Football

After its debut in 1970, Monday Night Football became a runaway smash hit. It wasn’t too long before it was being regarded as the marquee game of the week. Each stop on the MNF tour was an event in and of itself.

It remained that way for decades. The expansion of cable television and the internet, as well as the fact that the NFL started broadcasting on Sunday nights, started to take a little bit of the bloom off of the rose.

In 2006, NBC acquired the rights to Sunday Night Football, taking over from ESPN. It worked into a double switch as MNF moved over from ABC to ESPN at the same time. Since NBC is a broadcast outlet while ESPN is cable, the former technically has a larger reach.

The NFL started giving preference to the SNF broadcast window while building out the schedule. The ratings have proven that to be a wise decision. MNF remains a popular attraction, but it has been surpassed by its Sunday night counterpart for marquee status.

Why did Sunday Night Football start?

Back in 1987, the NFL decided to make Sunday Night Football a regular thing to fully maximize the league’s broadcast exposure. Prior to that, there was the occasional special Sunday evening game, but the bulk of the action took place in the afternoon with the primetime lights reserved for Monday Night Football.

It started with games held on Sunday evening over the latter part of the season. ESPN was the broadcast partner, but TNT would join the fray to split things up a few years later when it was expanded to the full season.

Starting in 1998, ESPN had the full rights to the SNF package. That remained the case until 2006 when NBC took over. However, ESPN got a nice consolation prize as Monday Night Football was moved over to its airwaves from sister network ABC around the same time.

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