3 Top Super Bowl Props: Coin Toss, Gatorade Shower, Anthem

When the Super Bowl is fast approaching, there will be plenty of options for betting on it. Bettors have many decisions to make, including which of the hundreds of props are worth their time. There’s a valid case for many of them, but not all props work for everyone. However, there are three popular options that can work for a variety of experience levels — betting on the national anthem, coin toss and postgame Gatorade shower.

From the newbies to the seasoned pros and all points in between, there’s a lot to love about these bets. We’ll take a deeper look at each of these Super Bowl props below to see if they’re something you might want to bet on. For a full lineup of the game’s bets, see our Super Bowl props page.

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Are there any fun Super Bowl props this year?

Year after year, there’s a simple answer to this question: absolutely. There are dozens and dozens of props that fall into the more serious categories. Things like player statistical accomplishments and who will walk away with the Super Bowl MVP award attract a lot of interest.

However, there are others that are a bit more entertainment-focused. Props that fall into this category can appeal to even the most casual of bettors who don’t know that much about football. However, there are also plenty of more experienced bettors who place these bets, as well.

Pregame Super Bowl prop betting

When you’re at a Super Bowl party, the pregame festivities can sometimes be just as much fun as the main event itself. That sentiment can also apply to prop betting. Two of the wagers on our list of Super Bowl prop bets let you wager on events prior to kickoff. Let’s take a look.

Super Bowl coin toss: heads or tails?

super bowl coin toss
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before the Super Bowl officially gets started, the coin toss determines which side will get the ball first and which direction the two teams are aiming for in the first half. Bettors get to weigh in on

which way the coin will land: heads or tails. It works just like a standard moneyline bet with odds on both sides, but the numbers are typically equal or right in range, just like a spread or totals wager.

Since there’s money involved, bettors will dive in and treat it like much more than a simple 50/50 proposition, researching the topic and trying to study any trends.

Can you bet on this at legal sportsbooks?

Each state works through its own legislative process for allowing sports betting. While the rules can be slightly different in certain places, they all tend to share something in common: wagering is limited to actual sporting events and their results.

That means that betting on things like US elections, weather and reality television is off-limits. The Super Bowl coin toss, however, tends to fall on the other side of that line. You’re allowed to bet on it at legal US sportsbooks, and it tends to be a very popular wager among the betting public. The bet itself is a simple two-sided affair. It’ll look something like this:

  • Coin toss result
    • Heads -103
    • Tails -103

It resembles a Super Bowl moneyline bet for which you just have to pick the outright winner of the game. Since there’s no clear advantage for either side, oddsmakers tend to make the numbers the same for both choices. For those looking for a discernible edge to point you in the right direction, there isn’t one.

On an all-time basis, tails holds a slight 29-26 advantage. There have been some streaks through the years, including recently. Heads was the right call for five straight years from 2009-13, followed by a four-year run for tails from 2014-17. Sportsbooks also mix things up with some other bet variations:

  • Which team will win the opening coin toss?
  • Will the player who calls the toss make the right call?
  • Same team to win the coin toss and the game.

Is the coin toss bet worth it?

As far as 50/50 bets, the Super Bowl coin toss bet is among the most popular that you’ll find. Bettors flock to this wager year after year while trying to make sense of the randomness. The returns are pretty good if you make the right call. For example, a winning $100 bet at odds of -103 returns a profit of $97.10.

That’s not too shabby for a bet that will be settled before the game even starts. The ultimate worth of the bet depends on what you’re looking for. Beyond the potential profit, it’s a fun way to kick off what is hopefully a great game. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can always take a pass and find another entertaining prop that works better for you.

Best sportsbook for betting on the Super Bowl coin toss

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How long will the Super Bowl national anthem take?

super bowl national anthem signer
SOURCE: Kevin Winter/Getty

Beyond the salute to the nation and what’s generally a stellar rendition, the national anthem signifies that we’re just minutes away from the action finally getting underway. The anthem has also crossed over into betting angles. While you won’t be able to bet directly on the length of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at legal online sportsbooks, some books get around this by linking the song length with actual game statistics.

Is it legal to bet on this?

Simply betting on how long the Super Bowl national anthem will take isn’t something that you’ll find at legal online US sportsbooks, unless you are in NJ. Unregulated offshore sportsbooks may carry such a wager, but betting at such books isn’t a good idea. If you do so, there are no guarantees that your funds will be safe or that you’ll receive a payment if your bet wins. If you stick to legal US books, you have protections in place.

As for the anthem, there is an intriguing option that some legal books offer. For last year’s Super Bowl, DraftKings tied together the singing of the anthem and the length of scoring drives during the game. Here’s what it looked like:

  • Any scoring drive to take less time than the national anthem?
    • Yes -335
    • No +250

The duo of Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church had the anthem duties at Super Bowl 55, clocking in with a time of 2:17. Bettors who picked “yes” had some celebrating to do when Tom Brady hit Antonio Brown for a 1-yard score to cap off a 55-second scoring drive at the end of the second half.

The bet is based on actual playing time and not how long it takes for the drive to play out on the screen. No other scoring drive came close to the mark during the game as all of the other scores took at least 2:58. The bet was well-received by the betting public, so we can expect to see similar offerings moving forward.

Should you bet on the anthem?

The decision should ultimately come down to your interest level on the wager and your overall Super Bowl betting bankroll. It’s an entertaining wager that gives you even more rooting interest for the game. Last year, the returns weren’t fantastic due to the heavy favorite winning, but it’s possible that the odds could be tighter moving forward.

This isn’t the kind of wager for which you can crush it out of the park and wind up with a story to tell at future Super Bowl gatherings, but it definitely serves its purpose for those who are looking for something different. If you can keep your expectations in check and wager responsibly, it can easily fit into any Super Bowl betting strategy.

Postgame Super Bowl prop betting

OK, so the Super Bowl is over. There’s nothing more to see here as all bets are settled, right? Wrong. We have another way for you to close out Super Bowl Sunday with a bang. When the confetti starts to fly and party-goers start looking for their keys, you’ll still be glued to the screen as you wait to see how this bet shakes out.

What’s the deal with the Super Bowl Gatorade shower?

(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Beginning in the 1980s, a trend emerged on winning NFL sidelines. The coach of the winning side received a Gatorade shower from members of the team who grabbed the refreshment bucket and conducted a sneak attack.

Before too long, the tradition made its way over to the big stage of the Super Bowl. Fast forward to today, and it’s now something that we expect to happen. Let’s just say that the winning team has to be pretty creative to pull off the surprise as a result.

It took some time for a betting angle to emerge from this amusing sideline highlight, but it’s now a part of Super Bowl prop betting tradition. You get to bet on what color Gatorade the winning team will use.

Do legal US sportsbooks allow betting on this?

As mentioned earlier, states that allow sports betting are pretty strict on what props are legal. At first glance, you might think that the Gatorade shower bet wouldn’t clear that bar, but it surprisingly does. It’s quickly becoming a featured Super Bowl attraction at legal US books as a result.

When sportsbooks begin releasing their plethora of Super Bowl prop bets, the Gatorade bet will be among the options. If we look back to Super Bowl 55, here’s how the numbers shook out at some of the top legal US sportsbooks:

Gatorade Color OddsDraftKingsFanDuelPointsBet

Oddsmakers aren’t just flinging numbers at the wall to see what sticks. Just like most bets, they’re posting the odds based on the most likely outcomes, but the numbers may move as bets begin to come in. If we look back at the last 17 Super Bowls in which Gatorade was part of the celebration, orange has been the choice five times.

There have also been games with no Gatorade shower on the winning sideline. In that case, all bets will be off and sportsbooks will treat the wager as a push. Last year, this bet packed some profits for those who made the right call. As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated the win, head coach Bruce Arians received a dousing of blue Gatorade.

How much can you make on the Gatorade bet?

If we look back to last year, the odds for the winning color of blue ranged from +400 to +650 at several of the top books. That means a $100 winning wager would’ve returned between $400 and $650. That’s quite the bounty, but don’t let that cloud your judgment as you decide if this bet is for you.

Just like the coin toss, it’s unpredictable on an overall basis, though in this case some trends have emerged. Interestingly, the color choices have evolved through the years, so leaning toward what has been hot in recent times makes sense. Gatorade showers are a fun way to close out what’s hopefully a thrilling game, especially if you have a stake in the action.

Best sportsbook for betting on the Super Bowl gatorade shower

Do these 3 Super Bowl prop bets make sense for you?

If you’re looking for additional ways to make the Super Bowl more fun, then these bets can absolutely fit into your overall plans. They’re simple to place with clear-cut results, and there’s also the potential for some solid winnings if you make the right calls.

On the downside, it can be really easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of research as you try to make sense of what might happen. If you’re looking for extremely predictable bets, these aren’t the ones, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be entertaining.

National anthem, coin toss and Gatorade bets are all popular, and the interest level is likely to continue to increase as more states legalize sports betting. If you stick to wagering responsibly while keeping expectations in check, these can be a welcome addition to your Super Bowl betting strategy.

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