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    Barbara Nathan

    Now with the first month of the new year behind us, between the freezing weather and the unsettling recent world events, we can all use some uplifting news. Fortunately, I have something really exciting to tell you.

    As you may know, The Pool at Harrah’s closed last month for renovations. But you won’t have to wait until summer to get back into the swim of things or, if you prefer, party the night away at one of Atlantic City’s top spots for revelers. Mark your calendar for the weekend of March 3-4 and the grand reopening of the Pool After Dark!

    Not that the Pool after Dark wasn’t already one of the best places to party in Atlantic City, but to coincide with the venue’s 10th anniversary, Harrah’s decided that an upgrade was in order. Accordingly, the next time you visit, you will see a new stage for live acts and an elevated DJ booth, including an LED video wall. You will also get to experience a new, improved sound system and upgraded cabanas and daybeds.

    Harrah’s will be bringing in a musical headliner for the reopening festivities.

    What are your favorite party spots in Atlantic City? I would also like to pose another question. We see Atlantic City trying to cater more and more to the millennial crowd, and the Pool After Dark is a prime example. Do you feel that there needs to be more of a balance in continuing to appeal to other generations, too?


    Robert DellaFave

    I feel like the pool was responsible for just about anyone under 30 setting foot in Harrah’s — well that and it tends to give away more free rooms than the Borgata.

    Still, Harrah’s is in an enviable spot, as it’s located on the marina with Borgata and up-and-comer Golden Nugget. I think if it continues down the path of becoming a more millennial friendly destination, we’ll see casino revenue start to rise.

    However, Borgata is still the place for partying, and the casino has stayed aggressive on that front with Premier Nightclub, and its assortment of bars. Bar One at Resorts deserves a nod, as does Boogie Nights at Tropicana — although the latter caters more to an older crowd.

    I think the older crowd is going to go to the casino regardless of whether there is a solid nightlife or not. However, if the outlying areas of Atlantic City were you know, safer, than the city might see more traffic.

    I suppose strengthening the boardwalk offerings would help too, but AC is always going to be hindered by the fact that it’s a boardwalk city in a seasonal climate zone.


    Barbara Nathan

    Atlantic City is the Place to Be This Weekend

    Not too long ago, it was hard to argue the point that Atlantic City is a one season town. But not any more. Except for the fact that the temperature outside is still in the 30s, you would never know this was only a non-holiday weekend in the beginning of March and not the height of the summer tourist season. That’s how packed Atlantic City is now with everyone from young revelers to Baby Boomers and seniors. Between the Boat Show at the Convention Center, the New Jersey high school wrestling championships at Boardwalk Hall, the much anticipated but finally happening reopening of Harrah’s Pool After Dark, and Atlantic City Restaurant Week starting tomorrow, good luck finding a room. According to Jim Wood, CEO of the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Bureau, virtually every hotel and motel in town is sold out! That’s about 15,000 rooms already taken.

    Of course, if you’re enough of a high roller, no problem. Simply call your host and he or she will make all the arrangements. Otherwise, your best alternative is visit Atlantic City just for the day. Whether you choose to gamble in the casinos or not, there is plenty to do!

    The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s opened as scheduled last night. But the opening weekend festivities continue tonight with a special performance by rap artist Fetty Wap. Doors open at 10 p.m.

    If you’re thinking of going, you can buck what are almost certain to be ridiculously long lines at the door by purchasing your ticket online at General Admission tickets are available for either $60 plus a $6.79 handling fee or $75 plus a $7.99 handling tee. You can then pick up your tickets until 11 p.m. tonight at the Will Call window. Admission is restricted to those age 21 and up, so you will need to present a valid photo ID along with the credit card used to purchase your ticket.

    By the way, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with Pool After Dark policies, there is a dress code.

    • No athletic gear
    • No non-religious hats or head gear
    • No sunglasses
    • No exposed chains or oversized jewelry
    • No hoodies or zippered sweaters or jackets
    • No baggy clothing (fitted jeans with sneakers are okay)
    • No plain white T-shirts or muscle tees
    • No denim shorts
    • No boots

    What’s New at the Pool

    Harrah’s reports that it spent a hefty $4 million to renovate this facility, so you should notice the difference as soon as you walk in. Among the brand new additions are an elevated DJ booth, ten 55-inch TVs and a “Wall of Fame,” including videos of many celebrities who have visited the Pool After Dark. Other improvements include an upgraded sound system, revamped cabanas, daybeds, and lounge furniture, and a redesigned Loft area where you can play blackjack and other casino table games while enjoying the entertainment.

    Improvements have been made to the pool and Jacuzzis, too. So, even if late night partying at the pool isn’t your thing, the Pool at Harrah’s remains one of the best places in town to swim and relax year-round during the daytime.


    Patrick Mullen

    This is terrific news. AC looks to finally be finding ways to maximize tourism during the off-season. And guess what — none of these activities revolve around gambling!

    That may be the key: Attract players to the city via a bunch of special events/entertainment options, and while they’re around, they may just gamble. Works for Vegas, which by the way, doesn’t always have the best weather either.


    Gamble Die

    I agree completely. Many people are now coming to the casinos primarily to do something other than gamble. However, once there, they can’t resist the temptation to try their luck gambling, too.

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