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    Barbara Nathan

    Living on the outskirts of Atlantic City, I am privy to all of the breaking news, if any, as soon as it happens, in the countdown towards what Ten owner Glen Straub has promised to be a February 20, 2017 reopening of the property. Sadly, there is nothing further to report except that progress remains at a standstill.

    Now that the Casino Control Commission has ruled that there can be no casino on the premises until Straub obtains a license, until either that happens or the ruling is overturned, whichever comes first, the casino will remained closed. However, according to Dale Finch, City Director of Licensing and Inspection, the non-gaming services of the property cannot open either until it receives a mercantile license and its spas, pools, and 13 restaurants have all passed a health inspection.

    As reported in an article appearing in the Press of Atlantic City on Tuesday, February 14, Straub was sent applications for him to complete two weeks ago, but to date, they have not been returned. With today the last business day before the holiday weekend, there is no way the applications can be processed in time for a Monday opening.

    Usually Las Vegas takes bets on almost anything, but I don’t believe a single sportsbook was posting odds on whether or not Ten would open as scheduled on Monday. Obviously, no one was going to offer a proposition where the betting would be completely one-sided and which the house had zero chance of winning!

    We will make up for that here by giving you an opportunity to weigh in with your own projected date for Ten to be up and running. Be sure to specify whether the date is with or without a casino. won’t be offering any prize for the winning guess except bragging rights.


    Robert DellaFave

    Is two-thousand-and-never an option? First off, most people want TEN to return as a casino, and not just a standalone hotel/resort. So, I find it a bit foolish to even entertain that notion — it’s not like the casinos are all interconnected in Atlantic City like they are on the Vegas Strip. There just isn’t a need for a huge standalone hotel located a fair walk from other boardwalk casinos, and a drive from the Borgata.

    Realistically, before this place opens someone is going to have to give, and right now it looks like Straub will hold out for at least a while. The casino commission certainly won’t change its rules.

    I think the opening will happen, but optimistically, I’d say late summer 2017, but probably sometime in 2018, if ever.


    Janet Oneal

    How many times is this date going to come and go? It seems like the public is eager to have this property open (not to mention all the jobless folks in Atlantic City who are no doubt holding out hope of gaining employment there). Who is steering this ship?


    Barbara Nathan

    Two thousand and never is certainly a possibility. Another possibility, which would really be a disaster, is for either the hotel to open without a casino or open prematurely with limited casino games, only for the property to close again. I think if Ten were to open without a casino, Straub would have to either provide a free shuttle service or vouchers to use at another casino in Atlantic City (the way some of the motels in the Atlantic City outskirts do). Otherwise, there won’t be enough incentive to visit this out of the way property.

    There has been no further news on a new projected date for Ten to open. As soon as I hear anything, I will pass it along.


    Joe Brooks

    Surprise, surprise, TEN didn’t open on Feb. 20. The voucher idea is a good one, although that’s probably still not enough for ppl to visit this property.

    TEN would either have to do something really different, which would probably have to involve excess and debauchery, to attract non-gamblers.

    I mean when people think of AC all they think of is gambling. It’s not Vegas! Hard to break that stigma.



    It seems a shame for all the unemployed folks in Atlantic City that this hotel owner is seemingly being obstinate when, if only he would cooperate with regulators, the property could be on track to opening and filling jobs. Certainly there are a lot of people in the area hoping to gain employment at this property and are holding out hope that it will reopen soon (if ever).

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