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    Patrick Mullen

    What’s the difference between European roulette and American roulette? I see both games listed in the Golden Nugget’s lobby. Any reason to play one over the other?


    Robert DellaFave

    European Roulette uses a wheel with a single zero, and American Roulette wheels have two zeroes. It may seems like a minor difference, but the impact on your bankroll is huge.

    See, the payouts for hitting a winning number are the same for both games, making European Roulette the superior game by far.

    There’s also French Roulette, which I believe can be found at Harrah’s Casino in NJ. Some French Roulette games use the La partage rule, where you get half your wagers back when the ball lands in 0. This brings the house edge all the way down to 1.35 percent. If not, it’s basically the same game as European Roulette.

    A minor tweak of the rules can make a huge difference.


    Barbara Nathan

    Harrah’s Online Casino does offer the La Partage rule in its French Roulette game. However, the half of your money back only applies with even money bets (i.e., red or black or odd or even). If the ball lands on 0, any bets on inside numbers lose.

    The La Partage rule is hard to find so it is highly recommended that anyone who plays roulette seriously look for this option and take advantage of it. Otherwise, European Roulette (or French Roulette without this option, or a comparable en prison option where your bet carries over to the next spin) has a house edge of 2.7%, which is still a lot better than the double zero game with a 5.26% house edge.

    Harrah’s is to be commended for offering French Roulette with La Partage. However, one piece of advice on their website is clearly erroneous. You are advised that tracking the winning numbers from previous rounds will help you predict the outcome on the next spin and improve your chances of winning. While number tracking is a popular strategy and it won’t hurt your game, it won’t help it either. Each spin of the wheel is completely independent and random.

    As for the Golden Nugget, be careful. The Live Dealer platform only offers American Roulette. However, you can play European Roulette (but not French Roulette) in the regular online casino.

    Hope this information helps.


    Robert DellaFave

    The Live Dealer games in general are a little disappointing, sans baccarat. I get that Golden Nugget needs to increase margins on these games because they’re much slower than digital games, but it just strikes as odd that it would offer American Roulette somewhere and European Roulette somewhere else.

    Live Dealer blackjack too has so-so rules. Namely, the dealer hits on 17. It’s not a deal-breaker (it does pay 3:2 on blackjack), but there are better digital options.

    The reality is, a lot of NJ online casinos do this with their roulette/blackjack/video poker games. Same games, different payouts. Video poker games are the biggest culprit.

    I therefore think it’s critical that gamblers do a little homework before investing their hard earned money.

    One way to do this is be demoing games first. I know this probably isn’t very popular, but when in doubt, it’s certainly worthwhile.

    Re video poker payout tables: When in doubt always go with single line Game King games — these generally offer full or near full pay tables.

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