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    Robert DellaFave

    Here’s something that I’m pretty curious about. What do NJ online casino players prefer — frequent promotions that have relatively low monetary value, or big month-long promotions that award a tons of bonus money?

    Me personally, I can see it both ways. On the one hand, casual players might like promotions that don’t require excessive amount of real-money play, and have low eligibility thresholds. They may scoff at monthly leader board promotions that are targeted at whales, and why not? They may feel that they have virtually no chance to win against the likes of players wagering $100 or more per hand.

    On the other hand, big promotions can really incentive recreational players to up their play for a while. There’s nothing more alluring than seeing a promotion that awards $1 million, distributed across a fairly small market (like NJ).

    Maybe the right answer is a mix of both daily/recurrent promotions and big one-off promotions. So far I’ve seen a couple of sites go in this hybrid direction, but not too many. Thoughts?


    Gamble Die

    I agree that a combination of both frequent small promotions and less frequent big promotions is a good approach. However, I don’t like promotions that are open to everyone, but with the number of entries based on play, because small players then have virtually no shot. At the Total Rewards casinos ( and, certain promotions are only open to higher level players, which I think is a very good idea. But I think it’s wrong of the casinos to get the non-high roller’s hopes ups with the lure of a huge prize that in all probability will never materialize, especially when it causes them to play much more than they would ordinarily and over bet their bankroll.

    I, personally, prefer promotions where I know I am going to get some kind of reward even if it is a small one. I especially like the promotions where you get multipliers on your reward points.


    Robert DellaFave

    I can’t argue with that logic. Uncapped entry sweepstakes promotions stink if you’re a low roller.

    That’s why I like what Trop/Virgin generally do. Typically they cap entries at 5 per day, and award one entry per $50 wagered on any game. That means casual players who wager $250 over an entire session have just as good a shot of winning as a whale who bets $250 a hand.

    Also, remember that NJ is a small market. The fewer the players, the better the chance of winning.

    That being said, I’m with you for the most part. Smaller, reliable promotions just resonate better with me. Gambling is random enough as it is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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