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    Barbara Nathan

    They say that the third time is the charm, but the number of missed deadlines to reopen the former Revel, now TEN, may have already been three. At the very least, the highly publicized opening date of June 15, 2016 never materialized, nor did owner Glenn Straub’s promise to open on President’s Day this year. Was there another planned opening date somewhere along the line that was missed? I’m not sure, but on Tuesday, April 18, Straub announced his latest targeted opening date: June 15, 2017. This time, however, the story was not the Press of Atlantic City headline on page 1. Instead, it was relegated to page 3 of the Money section of the paper.

    Interestingly, the announcement that TEN would open in just two months was a surprise to Atlantic City’s Director of Licensing and Inspection, Dale Finch. As of today, the property still lacks necessary state and city permits. In addition, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) requires submitting a landscaping plan and traffic study report, which have yet to be filed.

    If TEN does open on June 15, it will only be the hotel portion of the property, not the casino. That’s because Straub is not taking No for an answer that he cannot open a casino without a license. In the wake of the Casino Control Commission’s ruling that even if he leases the casino to a third party, as the property owner, he still needs a license, the battle continues. Straub is now asking the State Superior Court to review the case and override the earlier decision.

    Meanwhile, Straub continues to blame the long delay in getting TEN up and running on bureaucratic red tape. But let’s assume for now, and it’s by no means a given, that the non-casino part of TEN does manage to open on June 15. There will be between 1,500 and 2,000 hotel rooms open for business, so you can park your car in the 7,000 spot parking garage and spend the night. Staying well fed also shouldn’t be a problem, even if all 13 restaurants aren’t open yet. Whether or not you will be able to order a drink on the property is up in the air, though, depending on whether TEN has a liquor license. Otherwise, the spa and some of the shops should be open so you won’t be totally bored. One thing you will definitely not be able to do at TEN for the foreseeable future is gamble!

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