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    Robert DellaFave

    Well, it looks like the de-Trumping of Atlantic City has begun, and some might say good riddance.

    As reported by the Press of Atlantic City the US President had his name removed from the casino entrance.

    The article states that “Trump’s name had to be removed from the property if it was not brought up to “Required Taj Standard” by March 15, 2017.” This, according to a settlement between Trump and Carl Icahn.

    Trump Taj shuttered its doors in Oct. 2016, so the prospect of it meeting that standard is nil. Looks like there are still 16 more Trump signs to get rid of over the next few weeks.

    Ironically enough, it was a Russian worker that took down the sign. When Serge Bycov was asked if had any other connections to the President, he responded “No, I do not.”

    So what do you think? Is the de-branding of Trump Taj Mahal an overall positive for the city? I personally think so, as it acts as a sort of symbolic end to Atlantic City’s dark days.


    Barbara Nathan

    Some of the other construction projects that are supposed to be taking place concurrently in Atlantic City may have to take a back seat to this one, which takes priority over all others, at least until the March 15th deadline! By that date, as per the agreement drawn up at the time of the sale between Trump and current owner, Carl Icahn, removal must be completed of all 17 Trump signs. This includes not just those on the Taj Mahal property itself, but also one on a white elephant at the entrance to Atlantic City on Route 30.

    As per a court filing by Trump Entertainment, as long as it looked like the casino hotel would receive the necessary renovations to bring it to “Trump standards,” Trump actually required that his name be prominently displayed. Otherwise, by March 15, all references to Trump had to be obliterated.

    The court papers stipulating the agreement went on to describe the Trump brand as “iconic” and an “invaluable asset” that put the property in a class by itself. However since Icahn made the surprising decision last October to close the Taj Mahal, not only have there been no further renovations; Icahn has made it clear that there won’t be any because his only intention now is to sell the place! However, that won’t happen anytime soon because there are no prospective buyers.

    Trump’s insistence, first that his name must be on the Taj Mahal signs, and now that it must not be, is reminiscent of his complete about face with regard to the fairness of the election results. He kept saying that all the polls indicating he would lose were “wrong,” and he vowed that he would formally challenge the final results, too—but only if he lost!

    Will the removal of Trump’s name be good or bad for Atlantic City? At this point, I don’t think it really matters because everyone knows Trump once owned three casinos here and, under his ownership, all three went bankrupt. I am more concerned at this point about what will happen down the road to this ill-fated property in particular. Will it simply become another eyesore that will stand dormant for years and years? And what will happen to all the businesses in the vicinity that would have clearly benefited from the traffic to the Taj? If Icahn were willing to make the improvements to the property he promised originally, it could have had a bright future that could have rippled off to other businesses. But I no longer see that in the cards. Icahn still has the Taj, but he has lost his Trump Card.


    Janet Oneal

    I tend to think the absence of Trump’s name in AC will be neither negative or positive. It seems that most people, especially those who are frequent visitors to the city, are aware that he has not been directly involved in the casino business there for quite some time. So what if his name does or doesn’t adorn a couple of closed-down casinos?


    Gamble Die

    I couldn’t agree more.

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