PlayUSA stream schedule starts this February!

We are excited to announce our new live streaming channel on Twitch! PlayUSA will be streaming several times each week so fans of online casino slots and live dealer games can join in on the legal online casino action.

You don’t have to be in New Jersey to watch the action either. Our team of players are based in the Garden State, but anyone can tune in and watch along as they play online slots and tables games.

Curious what a live dealer online game actually looks like? Check out one of our sessions at the Golden Nugget live dealer tables. Want to see how a new game looks? Tweet at us or talk to the streamer in chat and we can check it out together.

Streaming schedule


DateTime (ET)GameHost
April 11:00 p.m.SlotsZach
April 17:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 27:30 p.m.SlotsTim
April 39:00 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 47:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 59:00 p.m.SlotsAnthony
April 77:30 p.m.SlotsZach
April 81:00 p.m.SlotsZach
April 87:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 97:30 p.m.SlotsTim
April 109:00 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 117:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 119:30 p.m.SlotsAnthony
April 127:30 p.m.SlotsTim
April 147:30 p.m.SlotsZach
April 151:00 p.m.SlotsZach
April 159:00 p.m.Live DealerAnthony
April 167:30 p.m.SlotsTim
April 179:00 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 187:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 197:30 p.m.SlotsTim
April 217:30 p.m.SlotsZach
April 221:00 p.m.SlotsZach
April 227:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 237:30 p.m.SlotsTim
April 249:00 p.m.SlotsTim
April 257:30 p.m.Live DealerVinny
April 269:00 p.m.SlotsAnthony
April 287:30 p.m.SlotsZach
April 291:00 p.m.SlotsZach
April 299:00 p.m.Live DealerAnthony
April 307:30 p.m.SlotsTim

More dates added soon. Check back often! Use promo code TWITCH20 for your free $20 at Golden Nugget!

How to watch, follow along, and win prizes

The easiest way to ensure you catch as many sessions as you can, be sure to head over to our Twitch page and subscribe by clicking the “follow” button.

This will notify you when we go live with a stream. For safe measure, be sure and follow PlayUSA on Twitter and like PlayUSA on Facebook to make sure you never miss an update of what we are doing across the entire site.

Just because you aren’t playing for your money does not mean you cannot win anything either! We’ll have regular contests and giveaways for our viewers, so you can watch and win as well.

We’ll be playing at many of New Jersey’s legal online casinos, but we’ll be starting out at the most-popular site in the state, Golden Nugget Online Casino.

If you’re a fan of the games on the stream and you are in New Jersey, you can start playing on your own in a matter of minutes. We even have an offer where you can get $20 free without depositing a dime. Check it out!

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