USFL Joins Other Sports Leagues As Participant In AGA’s Responsible Gambling Messaging

Written By Derek Helling on March 21, 2022
AGA Responsible Gambling Message Shows To Feature For USFL Betting Ads

The latest incarnation of the United States Football League will bring wagering on professional football to the NFL offseason and much more. Now, those who take part in USFL betting will be reminded of how to do so responsibly.

The league is the latest to take part in the American Gaming Association’s responsible gambling messaging initiative. The dispersal of the message can only make gambling safer as it moves forward.

USFL betting won’t happen without AGA messaging

According to a press release, the USFL will promote the AGA’s Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly. campaign on its broadcast, cable, social media, and streaming outlets. This is important because many US jurisdictions have approved wagering in the league.

“We’re proud to partner with the AGA to help drive the important message to bet responsibly,” said Edward Hartman, USFL Executive Vice President of Business Operations, in the release.

“As sports wagering expands nationwide, the USFL is committed to help educate our fans so they can better enjoy the experience.”

Five of the eight initial USFL franchises will play their home games in jurisdictions with legal online sports betting. The inaugural season begins next month and should conclude in early July.

The AGA’s responsible gambling messaging focuses on four elements. Each one is crucial to protect not only bettors but the interests of sportsbooks and the USFL as well.

Why responsible gambling is a win for the USFL

There’s a reason why other leagues like NASCAR, the NHL, and the PGA Tour have preceded the USFL in taking part in this campaign. Problem gambling running rampant isn’t good for anyone’s business.

A resulting erosion of public favor for sports leagues could cause a drop in sales and thus hurt the bottom lines of organizations like the USFL. That’s why they join the AGA in urging bettors to:

  • Keep it social
  • Know the odds
  • Play with trusted, regulated operators
  • Set a budget and stick to it

The USFL plans to deliver football to bettors and fans at a non-traditional time of year. With its inclusion in this program, it hopes that bettors on its product will make playing responsibly one of their traditions.

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