If you haven’t started betting on tennis yet, then you’re really missing out. There are four major tournaments in tennis that bring together the best players in the world on both the men’s and women’s side. Wimbledon is the highest profile of them all.

Played at an iconic venue, the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in London, it features a unique surface that really helps to separate the pack. The grass court and its impact on the game is one of the biggest factors to consider when handicapping your Wimbledon bets.

Some players excel here while others come up short, and there are a number of different metrics that can help you determine what’s what. Below find everything else you need to know about betting on Wimbledon, from outright winners to individual matches, prop bets and an array of live betting opportunities.

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Wimbledon betting odds

There’s a very active futures odds market for tennis betting online, and you can bet on the winners of the Grand Slam events at virtually any time. The futures market for Wimbledon continues to take shape as the tournament approaches.

Players who are excelling in the season-to-date may see some movement on the odds board, while those struggling could see their prices drop. Check your local sportsbooks Tennis menu for up-to-the-minute Wimbledon odds.

How to bet on Wimbledon online

There are a lot of similarities between tennis and other sports when it comes to betting, but there are also several nuances that you’ll need to become familiar with. Let’s take a look at the main ways you’ll be able to bet on Wimbledon 2021.

  • Outright winner: This is a bet in which you are picking the overall winner of the tournament. You can place your bet nearly anytime via the futures market, or wait until right before the tournament for the latest tennis odds.
  • Moneyline: For each match in the tournament, there will be straight moneyline wagers you can place on which side will win. The favorite will have negative odds attached, while the underdog will be represented by positive odds.
  • Spread bets: Similar to spread betting in other sports, there are margins set for the number of games and sets that players will need to cover in order for you to win your bets.
  • Totals: Like an over/under bet on other sports, you can place a wager on the total number of games it will take to complete the match, while using the number set by oddsmakers as a guide.
  • Props: These are side bets that will be offered on the matches, such as who will win the first set and what the exact margin of winning games for the entire contest will be.

In addition to all of the above, keep an eye out for any special prop bets or promotional offerings surrounding Wimbledon 2020. While there will be plenty of action to be found as it is, sportsbooks love to attract new fans to the game when bigger events roll around.

Live betting on Wimbledon

As mentioned earlier, tennis betting continues to rise in popularity. A big part of the reason for the growth is the fact that you can bet live on the matches as they play out in real time.

A great tennis match between two top pros is exciting enough in and of itself, but it goes to a whole other level when every serve and volley means that much more.

To fully take advantage of live betting, a sportsbook app is a must. The tennis odds and opportunities move quickly, so you’ll need to be at the ready when appealing offerings and situations come up.

Here are just a few of the ways you can live bet on Wimbledon.

  • Updated moneyline odds: As the match plays out, you’ll see updated odds on which side will be the outright winner.
  • Sets: For each set within the match, you’ll see live odds on which side will come out on top.
  • Games: The same applies for each of the individual games that take place within the sets during the match.
  • Points: For even further engagement, you can place a live bet on the outcome of each individual point.

Once again, we have to caution that this is a fast-moving market, so pick your spots wisely. Additionally, be sure you have a good handle on the basics of betting before taking a crack at placing live bets. Live betting can be pretty pressure packed, but it’ll be much less so if you have a full understanding of what you’re wagering on.

Top favorites for Wimbledon this year

There are several intriguing favorites to consider on both the men’s and women’s side of the draw. Naturally, there are some who stand out on both sides as being particularly solid bets.

  • Novak Djokovic: The six-time Wimbledon champion is typically the top-ranked player in the world. As the futures market indicates, he’s a popular bet to make it a three-peat in London.
  • Roger Federer: An eight-time champion at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Federer is still going strong. As one of the best grass court players of all time, he simply can’t be counted out.
  • Ashleigh Barty: The current top female player in the world, Barty won her first Grand Slam singles title at the French Open in 2019 and won her first Wimbledon singles title in 2021.
  • Simona Halep: Another Wimbledon champion on the women’s side, Halep is always near the top of the WTA rankings. Her 2019 Wimbledon crown was her second Grand Slam after taking down the French Open in 2018.

Players to pass on betting on at Wimbledon

There are also some players with favorable odds who may not be the best choice to be an outright winner at Wimbledon. To be clear, the players included here are extremely talented and can make for great bets in the early rounds of the tournament. However, they’re far from guaranteed once the tournament gets long in the tooth.

  • Rafael Nadal: The resume speaks for itself, but Nadal hasn’t made it to a Wimbledon final since 2011.
  • Angelique Kerber: The women’s winner in 2018, Kerber checks in much lower in the current WTA rankings.
  • Serena Williams: While winning another Grand Slam on the grandest stage of all would be a great story, Williams has dropped the last two Wimbledon finals.

Dark horses to watch at Wimbledon

Who doesn’t love an underdog? When it comes to betting, they can be downright profitable to boot. Here are four players to keep in mind as you place your bets on Wimbledon.

  • John Isner: Isner has been sizzling on grass courts, including winning the Hall of Fame Open in Rhode Island.
  • Daniel Evans: The top-ranked player on the ATP tour from Great Britain. Don’t be surprised if Evans puts on a show in London.
  • Bianca Andreescu: Andreescu already has a US Open win on the resume, and it’s looking like a Wimbledon crown may be within reach.
  • Amanda Anisimova: Anisimova continues to rise up the rankings, so it may just be a matter of time before the breakthrough happens.

Wimbledon betting tips

When betting on tennis, it’s important to treat each tournament as its own individual event. While it’s true that the better players have a great chance to excel anytime they step on the court, there are times when their game just doesn’t match up with the playing surface.

That’s true for Wimbledon and its famed grass court. This can impact little things such as the spin of the ball, its speed and even how the pros move around. Said another way, pay careful attention to how players perform on grass in comparison to their overall record.

Also, pay close attention to the draw once it’s released. What’s the path ahead for a player to make it deep into the tournament? Are the majority of the games on outer or center courts? Little nuggets such as this can be pretty valuable clues on who may have success.

Here are some other betting tips to keep in mind for Wimbledon 2020.

  • Respect the odds: It can be helpful to think of the futures market as free research for big events. The players who are favored are there for a reason, as are the long shots. That said, don’t be shy about taking a chance on upsets if you spot things others may have missed.
  • Recent form: While success on a particular playing surface is an important indicator to watch, recent form is another huge key. Players who are crushing it for the season to date may be ones to watch, while those who can’t seem to get out of their own way may not last long in London.
  • Wimbledon history: This applies to all tennis tournaments, but it’s especially true on the biggest stages. Pay careful attention to how players have performed here in the past. When players are making their first appearance at a big event, then you can lean toward their performance at tournaments on the same playing surface.

How does the draw work for Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is a single-elimination tournament that lasts seven rounds. There are 128 players each on both the men’s and women’s sides. When you add in doubles and mixed doubles tournaments, you’re talking about a ton of work on the back end to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

So exactly how are the matchups determined? It’s known as a draw, and there’s a two-step process. First, the top 32 seeds are placed to the side on both the men’s and women’s sides.

The next 32 seeds on both sides are randomly placed into the first round by special computer software. The Top 32 are then added back into the mix.

The software assists in the process, but extra care is given to make sure that the top seeds don’t wind up in the same part of the bracket. For example, the player considered to be the top seed would be placed in one quarter of the bracket, the second in an opposite quarter, and so on.

The process continues until the entire Wimbledon bracket is completed. The draw is then given a thorough review before being finalized and released to the public. The official unveiling takes place in advance of the tournament.

It’s a made-for-TV event over in the UK, with the Tennis Channel providing coverage in the US. For updated news on the draw, Wimbledon.com has all you need to know.

Wimbledon all-time leaders

Wimbledon is one of the biggest sporting events of the calendar year and has featured a number of memorable performances throughout the years. On both the men’s and women’s side of the equation, we have seen some players who have absolutely dominated on the grass court. Here are the all-time leaders in Wimbledon titles, starting with the men.

NameWimbledon ChampionshipsYear of Last Title
Roger Federer82017
Pete Sampras72000
William Renshaw71889
Novak Djokovic52019
Bjorn Borg51980
Laurence Doherty51906

For the ladies, it’s another impressive list featuring several legends of the sport.

NameWimbledon ChampionshipsYear of Last Title
Martina Navratilova91990
Helen Wills Moody81938
Serena Williams72016
Steffi Graf71996
Dorothea Lambert Chambers71915

Recent Wimbledon winners

In recent years, we have been treated to several memorable finals involving some of the top names in the game. Let’s take a closer look, starting on the men’s side.

2019Novak DjokovicRoger Federer3-2
2018Novak DjokovicKevin Anderson3-0
2017Roger FedererMarin Cilic3-0
2016Andy MurrayMilos Raonic3-0
2015Novak DjokovicRoger Federer3-1
2014Novak DjokovicRoger Federer3-2
2013Andy MurrayNovak Djokovic3-0

The ladies’ side has been just as thrilling in recent years as the finals have been filled with familiar faces.

2019Simona HalepSerena Williams2-0
2018Angelique KerberSerena Williams2-0
2017Angelique KerberVenus Williams2-0
2016Serena WilliamsAngelique Kerber2-0
2015Serena WilliamsGarbine Muguruza2-0
2014Petra KvitovaEugenie Bouchard2-0
2013Marion BartoliSabine Lisicki2-0

Wimbledon key information

Here is the likely information for the next edition of the tournament:

  • Dates: June – July
  • Location: All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in London
  • Playing surface: Grass court
  • TV coverage: ESPN, ESPN2
  • Prize pool: $48.2 million in 2021

In addition to the broadcast coverage on ESPN, you can stream on the go via the ESPN app. For those who have cut the cord, the ESPN family of networks is available on a number of different streaming providers. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out your sports betting app for streaming possibilities, especially when looking to place live bets.

Wimbledon FAQ

There’s a strict dress code at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club that says that players must wear white. The policy has been in place since the 1880s and remains in force to this day.

The grass court at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club is one of the most iconic playing surfaces in the sport. The court has been grass since the tournament was first held, and there’s nothing to suggest it’ll be changing in the future.

  • Rafael Nadal: 2. Last win in 2010 over Tomas Berdych.
  • Roger Federer: 8. Last win in 2017 over Marin Cilic.
  • Novak Djokovic: 6. Last win in 2021 over Matteo Berrettini.
  • Serena Williams: 7. Last win in 2016 over Angelique Kerber.
  • Venus Williams: 5. Last win in 2008 over Serena Williams.

Roger Federer is the all-time leader on the men’s side with eight Wimbledon championships. William Renshaw and Pete Sampras are tied for second place with seven apiece.

For the ladies, Martina Navratilova is the all-time leader with nine wins at Wimbledon. Helen Wills Moody is second on the list with eight crowns.

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