2022 Winter Olympics: Where You Can Bet And What You Can Bet On

Written By Derek Helling on February 3, 2022 - Last Updated on June 8, 2022
Where And What You Can Bet On For Winter Olympics 2022

For many in the US, knowing the ins and outs of legal Winter Olympics betting in 2022 might be like explaining the Nordic Combined event. In both cases, it’s not that complicated once you get the right information.

Each governing jurisdiction has its own regulations on betting on the Olympics and each licensed operator within those jurisdictions has the freedom to do what it wants within those regulations. A breakdown of what the options are by each jurisdiction makes it all clearer.

Where is 2022 Winter Olympics betting legal?

The law in the vast majority of places with legal sports betting does allow for wagering on the Olympics on some level. In fact, none of them ban betting on the Olympics outright. To what extent those sportsbooks can do so varies from place to place, though.

Do also note that just because they can doesn’t mean they do. Some sportsbooks might pass on some sports for a variety of reasons like a lack of comfort with the events. Additionally, in some places, it’s a lot easier to access a sportsbook than it is in others.

In some places, the only options are physical sportsbooks inside commercial and/or tribal casinos. Other places offer that plus a litany of online sportsbooks. In yet others, there is a mobile option, but only one.

We’ll group the jurisdictions by accessibility then break down the legality of betting on the Winter Olympics in each one. A good place to start is with the “A team” jurisdictions.

Multiple options prompt “A-list” Olympic sports betting inclusion

In each one of these jurisdictions, bettors have more than one online sportsbook to choose from. That number ranges from three to over 20 among the jurisdictions and some of them have some special considerations we’ll discuss.

Here’s a breakdown of each jurisdiction and any special rules:

  • Arizona – the state’s catalog of events and wagers simply mentions “Olympics.”
  • Colorado – the Centennial State allows its sportsbooks to take action on the widest variety of Olympic events.
  • Connecticut – Olympic events are among those permissible.
  • Illinois – placing a bet on an Olympic event is legal in the Prairie State but if you’re new to an online sportsbook here, you have to visit the retail component of the sportsbook in IL to register your account.
  • Indiana – events for the Winter Olympics that IN sportsbooks can offer action on are: alpine skiing, bobsled, cross-country skiing, curling, ice hockey, short-track speed skating, and speed skating.
  • Iowa – there is no ban on Olympics betting in this state but there is a restriction for prop bets on amateur events.
  • Louisiana – neither the state’s statutes nor regulations ban wagering on the Winter Olympics in the 55 enabling parishes.
  • Michigan – Olympics betting here is similar to the same in CO; plenty of options.
  • New Jersey – another state with a wide-open attitude toward Olympics wagering.
  • Nevada – once the only place where you could legally bet on the Olympics, it still offers that action. Like in IL, though, you have to sign up in person.
  • New York – all the new online sportsbooks in the Empire State can take action on the Olympics.
  • Pennsylvania – wager on the Olympics to whatever extent your budget and the books’ offerings allow here.
  • Tennessee – hit up the apps on your phone to see which of the books have action on which sports. There’s no ban stopping them from doing so.
  • Virginia – this was a point of confusion at first but yes, Virginia, you can wager on the Olympics.
  • Washington, DC – nothing in the rules says you can’t bet on the Olympics but where you can do it on which app is a matter of regulation. The DC Lottery’s GambetDC is the only app you can wager on anywhere in the District. BetMGM and Caesars are only usable within small radiuses of their physical sportsbooks.
  • West Virginia – will residents of the Mountain State have an advantage in betting on ski jumping? It’s totally legal to do so here.
  • Wyoming – Winter Olympic events are on the approved list.

There is also a handful of places where you can bet on sports online, but you only have one legal option for doing so. These are, until such time as their markets expand, the members of the “B team.”

Online monopolies exist in these states

You can get some bets down while you’re watching Olympic ice hockey from your home in these places. However, you either have to do it with the sportsbook the state says you can do it with or punt on the activity altogether.

  • Montana – the menu might be quite small but the law allows for Olympics betting.
  • New Hampshire – DraftKings should have an array of Olympics markets here.
  • Oregon – while you probably won’t find any Olympics markets at the state’s tribal casino sportsbooks, DraftKings has room to take the bets it’s comfortable with online.
  • Rhode Island – you can get your money down on Olympic competitions here, either in-person or online.

Sure, an online monopoly, in this case, might harm the product’s quality, but the ease of access is relative. In comparison to other states where there are no legal online options right now, one mobile sportsbook seems progressive.

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Get your keys if you live in these places

In a few of these states, online sports betting is coming but not yet operational. As of the start of the Winter Games on Feb. 4, 2022, though, it’s not yet available. If you want to put bets down legally, you’ll have to visit a casino.

  • Arkansas – there’s no law against it, but the state’s casinos may not offer Olympics action.
  • Delaware – the state’s three retail sportsbooks have not yet taken action on Olympic events although they can legally do so.
  • Maryland – the operators of the state’s retail sportsbooks have to ask for permission to offer Olympic events.
  • Mississippi – whether you can find the markets at any of the state’s casinos is a roll of the dice but it isn’t illegal here.
  • New Mexico – tribal casino gaming compacts allow for Olympics betting but whether you’ll actually find that is another matter.
  • North Carolina – ditto above.
  • South Dakota – the governing of the International Olympic Committee makes these events permissible.
  • Washington – several retail tribal sportsbooks in the state but they might not go for your Olympics betting dreams.
  • Wisconsin – like for other states with only tribal casino sportsbooks, it’s up to each casino operator whether to offer action on the Winter Olympics.

If you don’t see your state listed on this page at all, that’s because legal sports betting on any level is currently unavailable there. By the time the next Winter Olympics roll around, that could be different. But for this round of Winter Olympics betting, this is how things shake out.

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