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Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Responsible gambling has never been more important. Gambling in the US exists in almost every state, and many states are now full-service gambling destinations with online and land-based casinos. So, it’s good to know what to do in order to manage your gambling and make sure that it remains a fun activity – and nothing more.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. The tips and strategies in the sections below can help you to make smarter decisions when you decide to start wagering.

Play only with money you don’t needfan of $100 bills

Everyone’s financial situation is different. The amount of money you have available for gambling depends both on your income and the necessities of your life. However, money set aside for any kind of gambling, whether through online casinos or in person, should never affect any other need in your life. Gambling must always come last on the priority list for where your dollars go.

Track your spendingperson circling nfl lines on a sheet of paper bearing the prairie band casino logo

You need to know how much money you’re spending on gambling. Make sure to document both losses and winnings across all casinos you patronize. In a way, it’s a bit easier to keep track if you play online, as each of your transactions is recorded somewhere. Your chosen payment method may also help you recover your spending history. You may find some surprising truths about your gambling habits when you see the numbers.

Set limits on your accountTraffic light in city

At most major online casinos, like BetMGM or Caesars Palace, players can set limits in their personal account areas. You can restrict your maximum daily deposit, your maximum weekly deposit, your maximum bet size, and even your maximum time spent playing.

If it’s not immediately clear how to make these limits active, reach out to your casino’s support personnel. They will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Don’t chase your losses

Chasing losses is when players attempt to recover money lost by raising their bets and/or increasing the amount of time they resolve to gamble.

Don’t do it.

Bear in mind that all casino games have a house advantage attached to them. In other words, it is always more likely that you will lose than you will win on every single bet you make. Don’t throw good money after bad.

Take a breakNow Is The DOJ's Chance To Walk Away From The Wire Act

Stepping away from gambling for a few minutes can be an invaluable practice in terms of maintaining your focus and clarity when you play. If you have experienced a big loss, a big win, or have just been playing for a long period, you should get up, walk around, go to the bathroom, get a drink, or chat with friends and family.

If you’re playing online, it’s possible to have forced breaks imposed upon your account. If you’ve set a time limit in your account profile, the online casino will lock your account for a selected duration if you trigger the limit. As is the case with any account limits, don’t hesitate to reach out to your app’s support team if you need help.

Gambling is NOT a source of incomeBonuses and Promos Icon

Making consistent, self-supporting money from online casino play is not realistic. Every casino game you play exerts a mathematical advantage over you – also known as the house edge.

Casinos aren’t in business to lose money or give it away. You’re always more likely to lose than win. Thus, the responsible viewpoint is that gambling is a source of paid entertainment, nothing more.

Don’t drink or use drugs while gambling5 Satisfying Drinks To Get You Through Super Bowl Sunday

Although it may seem obvious, it’s unwise to play at online or live casinos while under the influence. Drinking and drugs affect your brain function, which can result in you making emotional decisions during play, like chasing losses or ignoring signals that you should quit betting.

While gambling is frequently mixed with drinking in retail settings, it’s best practice to keep your mind sharp whenever you’re betting. After all, there’s a reason many casinos give away drinks for free.

Make sure online gambling doesn’t consume your life

Skyline view of Utah

Online gambling is fun. That’s why online casinos continue to launch across the US. That’s why we play them.

However, gambling should never take over or define your life. If you start noticing your daily activities affected by gambling – showing up to work late, forgetting to care for yourself, or neglecting personal relationships – it’s time to take stock of your situation. It’s time to make a change.

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