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Our company provides a range of gambling content that includes reviews of operators and games as well as news and articles covering the state of gambling laws in the United States.

We work to create an environment that lets our employees develop and perfect their skills, and we maintain a flexible structure that can adapt to better fit their talents. You can meet our team here.

We operate a full-scale of sites focusing on West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey as well as emerging markets and websites that provide coverage at a national level.

Freelance Opportunities

We are searching for an expert in digital content who can produce excellent content for our sites.

You shouldn’t “just” be a competent writer and proof-reader. We’re seeking someone who truly understands a modern gambling audience and knows how to produce content that engages them and authoritatively answers their questions.

We are looking for freelancers that can produce and develop material that meets our company’s standards for accuracy and quality.

You will also need to ensure that the content across our sites maintains a consistent tone and that region-specific content remains accurate and relevant.

An ideal candidate would be familiar with the gambling industry and player experience, either through personal or professional experience.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Experience proofreading and editing web content
  • Experience producing commercial copy and product descriptions
  • An ability to handle detail-oriented work
  • A willingness to take ownership of projects and work collaboratively with the team
  • An ability to be proactive and stay ahead of a fast-paced work environment with tight deadlines

Freelance Sports Writer

We are seeking a skilled professional who can produce captivating articles and editorials discussing sports and sports betting with a focus on horse racing, NASCAR and golf.

Interested writers should be adept at producing interesting and authoritative content that will appeal to our audience and build readership. Desired content includes news, articles and editorials.

Your responsibilities as a writer involve developing concepts into engaging articles and editorials within deadlines to provide timely coverage. You will also work closely with editors to ensure that all submitted content matches our site’s desired tone and standards.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Prior experience writing news and gambling content
  • An ability to conduct research and
  • A good attitude to work cooperatively with editors and other writers.
  • Good time management and organization to produce timely articles and meet deadlines.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in writing either casino or sports content. Please include your area of expertise (e.g. commercial reviews, editorial, betting guides, etc, etc).

Freelance Review Writer

Catena Media is looking for people who can write reviews of online sportsbooks and casinos in addition to general gambling pieces.

Freelancers should be able to navigate a betting app or site and then write down their opinions of it, as well as describe the mechanics of using the app for a prospective bettor.


  • Experience in both writing and the gambling industry are preferred. Please be able to provide links to your written work.
  • If you have no experience writing in the gambling industry, please tell us of your familiarity or background in gambling.
  • Because online gambling largely takes place in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we are most interested in writes from those states.

In your response, please include the rate you usually request for written work.

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