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Gambling Affiliates Form Association To Promote Responsible Gambling

Written By Derek Helling | Updated:
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Gambling affiliates are among the foremost producers of Internet content that promotes opportunities to play. For that reason, they bear significant responsibility as far as considerations for doing so in a manner that reduces harm.

A new group, consisting of six different affiliate media companies, is taking on the task of encouraging the promotion of responsible gambling. The participants have committed to using their resources to hold each other, gaming regulators and governments accountable on the issue.

Companies form Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association

A formal association for gambling affiliate media companies now exists specifically for the purpose of pushing for responsible gambling standards. The Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA) has six charter members.

  • Better Collective
  • Catena Media
  • Group
  • oddschecker Global Media
  • Spotlight Sports Group
  • XLMedia plc

In a Wednesday news release, Michael Daly, CEO of Catena Media (which owns and operates PlayUSA), commented on the formation of the RGAA:

“The US gambling market is swiftly regulating, and affiliates are vital to the overall industry,” Daly said. “Catena Media is proud to be a founding member of the RGAA, an association committed to promoting responsible, positive wagering experiences through legal, regulated operators.”

As gambling affiliates are subject to regulation in many US jurisdictions, participating in the regulatory process is among the focuses of the RGAA. That isn’t the only matter that RGAA members have expressed as priorities.

RGAA expresses five priorities for its mission

The release from the RGAA lists five strategic pillars for its members to conduct themselves according to.

  • Promotion of competitive gambling markets
  • Industry education
  • Consumer protection, empowerment, and choice
  • Advertising codes of conduct
  • Responsible business practices

Furthermore, the release states that “the RGAA’s mission is to champion responsible gambling marketing and advertising practices, empower gambling affiliate companies to influence sensible regulation, and protect consumer interests, while effectively participating in the market.”

With the combined expertise of its members in responsible promotion of gambling, the landscape of legal gaming in the United States can benefit from the RGAA’s participation.

Photo by AP Photo/Nick Wass
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