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This online casino bill tracker keeps you up to date with legislation and legalization in the United States.

  • Regulated online casinos are available in six states, with a seventh, Rhode Island, going live in March; Nevada has legalized online casino, but operators just offer online poker there
  • Five states have active iGaming proposals, while there is some activity toward that end in six others
  • Online casino revenue in 2023 earned $6.5 billion and is projected to earn $7.8 billion in 2024

As February 2024 is in its opening days, legislators in Maine, Maryland and Ohio will soon hold hearings on the subject of online casinos. Meanwhile, in New York, lawmakers are working behind closed doors to push online gambling forward in the state.

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2024 legislative calendar

2024 Legislative Calendar

Latest developments toward legalization

States with current proposalsIllinois
New York
States closer to legislationIndiana
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Current legal statesConnecticut
New Jersey
Rhode Island
West Virginia

Online casino legalization map

A map of legal online casino states in the US.

States with active proposals


Current Illinois Online Casino BillHB2239 - Internet Gaming Act
Previous Illinois Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

Illinois has a two-year legislative session which begins in odd-numbered years, making 2024 the back half of the current term. In 2023, Illinois Sen. Cristina Castro joined Illinois Rep. Edgar Gonzalez Jr. in introducing amendments to the state’s Internet Gaming Act that would legalize and regulate online casino play.

Both of their bills, HB2239 and SB1656, have been languishing in committees since. It’s unclear if that will change in 2024.

There is significant resistance from the state’s video gaming terminal industry due to a fear of lost revenue from competition industry veterans believe online casinos would present. Additionally, debates in the legislature over the tax structure for online casinos could prove to be an obstacle. Overall, these bills are unlikely to pass in 2024 and the sponsors will probably have to draft new legislation in 2025.

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Current Iowa Online Casino BillHSB227
Previous Iowa Online Casino BillsHSB604
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

Like in Indiana, there has been a bill in Des Moines on the topic of online casino regulation every year since 2021. However, those bills have gotten minimal attention each year.

The state’s brick-and-mortar casino licensees are not unified in their support of the gambling expansion. Until that occurs, their lobbying power is likely sufficient to keep such bills unnoticed in committees.

Several more years may pass before Iowa seriously considers this expansion but it seems a certainty that a bill will be filed each year regardless.

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Current Maine Online Casino BillLD 1777
Previous Maine Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

Maine has just launched its legal online sportsbooks but a further expansion of legal online gambling is already on the table. How long it will stay on the table is up for debate, though.

The current bill, LD1777, would create a regulated system for online casino play similar to that which exists in the state for online sports betting. Among other things, that framework would give control of the gambling vertical to federally recognized tribal communities that live within Maine’s borders.

That could be the point that sinks this proposal, at least in 2024. Maine Gov. Janet Mills has resisted earlier attempts to expand tribal authority in the state and could take that stance again if this bill reaches her desk.

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Current Maryland Online Casino BillsSB0603
Previous Maryland Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

Maryland’s constitution reserves the authority to expand legal gambling in the state for the people, so any expansion has to undergo a statewide referendum. That process must be initiated in the state legislature, however.

Rep. Vanessa Atterbeary, House Ways and Means chairwoman, filed a new Maryland online casino bill on Feb. 9, HB 1319. While the legislation shares some details in common with Sen. Ron Watson’SB 603, it is not a companion bill. Watson’s SB565 is a bill that would create a constitutional referendum on online casino legalization.

The Maryland House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on Atterbeary’s bill on Feb. 26. Watson’s bills will be heard on Feb. 28 by the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

Should the legislature approve any of these proposals and do so in time, that would mean Maryland voters would decide the legality of online casino play in their state at the polls in November 2024. Right now, though, it’s hard to read how much support the proposals have in the legislature.

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New York

Current New York Online Casino BillS8185
Previous New York Online Casino BillsS4856 (2023)
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

While New York Sen. Joseph Addabbo has filed SB8185, the chances of that bill becoming law in 2024 appear slim. Addabbo has stated that he won’t push for the bill’s passage unless New York Gov. Kathy Hochul supports it and Hochul has not included revenue from the gaming expansion in her budget proposal.

With Addabbo reluctant to push for this gaming expansion in 2024, the cause has few other vocal champions in New York for the year. However, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow introduced his companion bill, A9198, on Feb. 14. He agrees with Addabbo that chances for 2024 passage are unlikely without the governor’s support.

The ongoing licensing process for downstate brick-and-mortar casinos is currently the focus of the Hochul administration regarding gambling.

After that process is complete, more attention might turn toward legalizing online casinos in New York. At this point, 2025 or 2026 seem more realistic than 2024.

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Legalized States


Current Connecticut Online Casino BillPublic Act No. 21-23 - Passed in 2021
Previous Connecticut Online Casino BillsN/A
2023 Revenue $412M

The implementation of legal online casinos in Connecticut began in May 2021 when the Connecticut legislature approved amendments to the gaming compacts with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Nation and the Mohegan Tribe. Both of those authorities already operated brick-and-mortar casinos within Connecticut’s borders.

In October 2021, DraftKings Casino and a FanDuel-powered but Mohegan-branded online casino both went live in Connecticut. DraftKings has an agreement with the Mashantucket Pequot providing its Connecticut access.

Those are the only two legal online casino apps in Connecticut. The two tribal authorities are paying Connecticut 18% of their gross gaming revenue from this activity through 2026, at which point that cut will increase to 20%.

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Current Delaware Online Casino BillHouse Bill 333 - Passed in 2012
Previous Delaware Online Casino BillsN/A
2023 Revenue $14M

Delaware’s online casino landscape has some interesting technicalities to it but for players, it’s actually quite simple; there is really only one legal online casino option in the state. Rush Street Interactive has a contract with the Delaware Lottery to provide its BetRivers Casino for players in the state.

Technically, players access one of three different sites all operating the same product which are tied to the state’s three brick-and-mortar casinos. However, for players, that’s mostly neither here nor there which of the three sites they are playing on.

Delaware legalized online casino play all the way back in 2012 and the games launched the following year. As such, Delaware residents have had access to this type of legal gambling as long as those in any other state.

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Current Michigan Online Casino BillAct 152 of 2019
Previous Michigan Online Casino BillsN/A
2023 Revenue$1.9B

Michiganders enjoy access to one of the most competitive regulated online casino markets in the United States. A 2019 set of laws allowed both commercial and tribal casino operators in the state to contract with online gambling companies or offer their own products in this way.

The first apps began accepting wagers in January 2021. Since then, most of the licensed operators have expanded upon their live dealer and digital gaming options.

Due to the expansive framework, Michigan residents have a choice of 15 apps including national favorites like BetMGM Casino, Caesars Palace online casino, and Hollywood online casino.

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Current Nevada Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Nevada Online Casino BillsN/A

Nevada is unique in that online casino play is legal in theory and some eligible parties have licenses to offer it but none of them have actually begun doing so outside of making online poker games available.

The reasons why none of the state’s gaming licensees have acted on the opportunity that a 2013 provided them to date are multifold. First off, most of the gamblers in Nevada do not live in Nevada but are tourists instead and even if they did sign up for licensed apps in Nevada, would likely not be able to continue that play in their home states.

Secondly, the state’s brick-and-mortar casinos are such an integral part of its economy that there is simply little motivation to provide tourists with an alternative to visiting them. For these reasons, it’s unlikely that online casinos will find a place in Nevada’s gambling landscape anytime soon.

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New Jersey

Current New Jersey Online Casino BillA2190 (passed in 2023, five-year extension of previous law)
Previous New Jersey Online Casino BillsA2578 amending the New Jersey Casino Control Act (2013)
2023 Revenue$1.9B

If you’re looking for perhaps the most competitive state when it comes to legal online casino play, New Jersey is perhaps the strongest contender for that title. There are 30 licensed options for players in the state.

Additionally, New Jersey boasts some choices that US players will not find anywhere else like Wheel of Fortune Casino. New Jersey legalized this form of online gambling in February 2013 and the first licensees launched their platforms the following November.

Like in Michigan, New Jersey’s online casino apps are tethered to physical casinos and racetracks in the state. New Jersey may be small in land mass but it’s one of the biggest states for online gambling.

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Current Pennsylvania Online Casino BillAct 42 of 2017
Previous Pennsylvania Online Casino BillsN/A
2023 Revenue$2.1B

Pennsylvania got into the online casino business after New Jersey but has since surpassed its neighbor in terms of monthly revenue from this gaming type. Pennsylvania has established itself as the most lucrative market for licensees since the first apps went live in 2019.

Since the law enabling this type of gambling was passed in 201, the market in Pennsylvania has expanded to include 21 different licensed apps. Like in many other states, those apps are all partnered with a physical casino or racetrack in Pennsylvania.

Amid its robust market, Pennsylvania also has one of the highest tax rates for online casino revenue, raking in over a third of the adjusted revenue that licensees collect from players. Suffice to say, online casinos have been a win for the state’s coffers.

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Rhode Island

Current Rhode Island Online Casino BillS0948 (passed in 2023)
Previous Rhode Island Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

The latest state to legalize online casino play will also offer one of the least competitive markets for such gaming in the US. Like with its brick-and-mortar casinos, Bally’s will be the only legal option for Rhode Islanders.

Rhode Island legalized Bally’s online casino in 2023 but an exact launch time frame for the product remains unclear. It could happen sometime in 2024, though.

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West Virginia

Current West Virginia Online Casino BillWest Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act (passed in 2019)
Previous West Virginia Online Casino BillsN/A
2023 Revenue$157.3M

West Virginia residents got access to legal online casinos in July 2020 after the state enacted the gambling expansion in March 2019. Since then, seven licensees have taken their apps live in the state including BetMGM Casino and DraftKings Casino.

Despite the state’s rural and sparse population, these licensees have fared well in terms of revenue. Online gambling of this type has also brought new revenue to the state’s casinos and racetracks, as they have partnerships with the seven online casino brands.

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States working toward legalization


Current Colorado Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Colorado Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

There have been rumblings that discussions are ongoing between legislators and gambling industry officials about legal online casinos in Colorado. To date, that has not yet produced any actual legislation.

Like with Maryland, all the legislature can do is draft up a proposal for the state’s voters to decide upon. 2024 would be an ideal time to do so but time may be too short to get everyone on board with one framework at this point.

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Current Indiana Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Indiana Online Casino BillsHB1536
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

Legislators in Indianapolis have filed bills to legalize online casinos every since 2021 but it appears that 2024 will break that streak. The reason for that disruption has almost nothing to do with whether online casinos would be good for the state, however.

In 2023, investigators revealed that a former member of the Indiana legislature accepted a bribe from a company that used to operate a brick-and-mortar casino in the state. The illicit payment occurred just before Indiana’s last round of gambling expansion in 2019.

For that reason, the attitude around further gambling expansion has soured. It could be several years before there is enough momentum to push an online casino bill over the threshold.

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Current Louisiana Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Louisiana Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

Some industry veterans expect there to be an online casino bill in Baton Rouge in 2024. Perhaps most importantly, the state’s brick-and-mortar casino licensees seem to be supportive of the idea.

The fact that 2024 is a national election year may act as an obstacle to such proposals, though. There is a significant part of the state that opposes legal gambling, making this year less than ideal to take on the issue. 2025 could be a different story.

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New Hampshire

Current New Hampshire Online Casino BillN/A
Previous New Hampshire Online Casino BillsSB 104 (2023)
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

In 2023, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill that aimed to legalize online table games like blackjack and roulette. That proposal excluded online slots out of consideration for the concerns of charitable casino operators in the state.

However, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted down the bill, and did so quite thoroughly. Due to the legislature’s rules, the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Tim Lang, cannot file the bill again unless he makes substantial changes to it.

Thus, 2025 is likely the earliest that the New Hampshire legislature will consider this issue again.

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North Carolina

Current North Carolina Online Casino BillN/A
Previous North Carolina Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

In 2023, there were numerous proposals in Raleigh taking advantage of the moment right after the state had legalized online sports betting. Among them was a proposal to also legalize online casino apps.

North Carolinians shouldn’t take that to automatically mean that legislators will put forward similar proposals in 2024. Due to it being a national election year, many legislators may stray from taking on topics that some voters may view as controversial.

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Current Ohio Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Ohio Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsTBD

This year’s legislative calendar in Columbus will feature hearings on further gambling expansion, including real-money online casinos. Whether a bill will result from those hearings in 2024 remains doubtful, though.

At the same time, these hearings could set up Ohio’s legislature to consider the matter in 2025. Seeing neighboring Michigan and Pennsylvania rake in millions of dollars in tax revenue off the gaming vertical is likely a strong motivator.

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Current Wyoming Online Casino BillHB 120
Previous Wyoming Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

An iGaming bill, HB 120, introduced by Rep. Robert Davis, failed to get the votes in the House on Feb. 15 to be taken up this session.

HB 120 would have appointed the Wyoming Gaming Commission as regulator and issued no fewer than five interactive gaming operator permits. The bill did not place a limit on the number of online casino apps and the minimum age to participate in online casino play is 18.

When Wyoming passed the bill approving sports betting, lawmakers first introduced it in the 2020 short budget session and passed the bill in 2021.

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Jurisdictions not likely to legalize


Current Alabama Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Alabama Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Opposition to legal gambling in Alabama remains robust although there have been recent attempts to establish a state lottery and physical casinos.

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Current Alaska Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Alaska Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

There doesn’t seem to be much appetite for legal online gambling in Alaska whatsoever as the legislature in Juneau has been devoid of activity on that front for years.

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Current Arizona Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Arizona Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Lawmakers and industry stakeholders like tribal casino operators seem content with the current status quo, which includes online sports betting.

Learn more about: Arizona online casinos


Current Arkansas Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Arkansas Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

The state’s energy as far as gambling goes seems focused on working out the licensing situation for a fourth brick-and-mortar casino. That process has been fraught with litigation so far.

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Current California Online Casino BillN/A
Previous California Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Powerful tribal casino operators have been resistant to any expansion of gambling in California that they do not control. Thus, it’s unlikely that there will be any movement toward online casino regulation in the near future.

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Current Florida Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Florida Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Florida is still defending its compact with the Seminole Tribe of Florida regarding online sports betting, putting online casinos far down its priority list.

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Current Georgia Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Georgia Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

While there have been many recent attempts to expand gambling in Georgia, none of them to date have included online casinos.

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Current Hawaii Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Hawaii Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Hawaii’s legislature has been among the most obstinate in the country when it comes to legal gambling of any kind.

Learn more about: Hawaii online casinos


Current Idaho Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Idaho Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Outside of Hawaii and maybe Utah, Idaho’s legislature has been the most unwelcoming place for gambling interests.

Learn more about: Idaho online casinos


Current Kansas Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Kansas Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Further expanding gambling in Kansas to include online casino play has not been a topic of discussion in Topeka and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

Learn more about: Kansas online casinos


Current Kentucky Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Kentucky Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Kentucky just rolled out its online sports betting system in 2023, likely making 2024 or 2025 too soon to take on further gambling expansion.

Learn more about: Kentucky online casinos


Current Massachusetts Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Massachusetts Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

The Massachusetts legislature was extremely deliberate in its process of legalizing online sports betting, likely signaling that any further expansion of legal online gambling will likewise take years to accomplish if at all.

Learn more about: Massachusetts online casinos


Current Minnesota Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Minnesota Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

At this time, all efforts toward legal online gambling expansion are laser-focused on sports betting only. Additionally, support for online casino play among tribal casino operators in the state is uncertain.

Learn more about: Minnesota online casinos


Current Mississippi Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Mississippi Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Physical casino operators in the state have voiced opposition to making online sports betting legal across the state. That means their opposition to online casino games would probably be more vociferous.

Learn more about: Mississippi online casinos


Current Missouri Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Missouri Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Several attempts to legalize online sports betting in Missouri have been futile. Regardless, that alone commands all the attention of gambling expansion advocates right now.

Learn more about: Missouri online casinos


Current Montana Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Montana Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Like in many other states, industry players and legislators seem agnostic to the idea of online casino legalization. There’s simply no activity on the front.

Learn more about: Montana online casinos


Current Nebraska Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Nebraska Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

A previous attempt to legalize online sports betting failed and it’s likely that supporters would have to walk with that before they run with online casinos.

Learn more about: Nebraska online casinos

New Mexico

Current New Mexico Online Casino BillN/A
Previous New Mexico Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Tribal casino operators control gambling in New Mexico and would have to demonstrate an appetite for online casino play. To date, they have not done so.

Learn more about: New Mexico online casinos

North Dakota

Current North Dakota Online Casino BillN/A
Previous North Dakota Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Further gambling expansion in North Dakota seems to be a non-starter issue for lawmakers. It’s difficult to see what could change that, too.

Learn more about: North Dakota online casinos


Current Oklahoma Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Oklahoma Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Animosity between Gov. Kevin Stitt and tribal casino operators has put all talk of gambling expansion on the back burner.

Learn more about: Oklahoma online casinos


Current Oregon Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Oregon Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Count this among the number of states with legal online sports betting in which there is simply no great push for further expansion.

Learn more about: Oregon online casinos

South Carolina

Current South Carolina Online Casino BillN/A
Previous South Carolina Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Political will to legalize many forms of gambling seems to be lacking in this state, making online casino legalization the longest of shots.

Learn more about: South Carolina online casinos

South Dakota

Current South Dakota Online Casino BillN/A
Previous South Dakota Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

The state rejected legal online sports betting, making any notions of regulating online casino play far-fetched.

Learn more about: South Dakota online casinos


Current Tennessee Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Tennessee Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

This state’s legislature is still tinkering with its online sports betting system and the fact that there are no physical casinos there poses an obstacle as well.

Learn more about: Tennessee online casinos


Current TexasOnline Casino BillN/A
Previous Texas Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

In 2023, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill toward legalizing online sports betting. That’s been the biggest victory for gambling interests there in quite some time and makes any further expansion extremely unlikely.

Learn more about: Texas online casinos


Current Utah Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Utah Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Outside of Hawaii, Utah might be the most hostile state toward gambling interests in the US.

Learn more about: Utah online casinos


Current Vermont Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Vermont Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Vermont has just launched its online sports betting landscape in January 2024, meaning that further expansion will probably have to wait a few years at least.

Learn more about: Vermont online casinos


Current Virginia Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Virginia Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Virginia also qualifies for the group of states with legal online sports betting in which there have simply not been any conversations about further online gambling expansion.

Learn more about: Virginia online casinos


Current Washington Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Washington Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Like in many other states, any expansion of gambling would have to go through tribal casino operators. At this time, there doesn’t seem to be any interest in online casinos.

Learn more about: Washington online casinos

Washington, DC

Current Washington D.C. Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Washington D.C. Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

The regulation of online sports betting in the United States capital has been rocky and that probably limits any further expansion of online gambling for the foreseeable future.

Learn more about: Washington, DC online casinos


Current Wisconsin Online Casino BillN/A
Previous Wisconsin Online Casino BillsN/A
Revenue ExpectationsN/A

Tribal casino operators hold a powerful sway over gaming matters in this state. Until they push for legal online casinos, the topic is likely to remain absent from conversations.

Learn more about: Wisconsin online casinos

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