AGA Study Finds Gaming Industry Creates A $329B Annual Economic Impact

Written By Tebearau Egbe on October 11, 2023
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The American Gaming Association (AGA) in collaboration with Oxford Economics, published a survey disclosing that the gaming industry generates an economic impact of $328.6 billion annually on the US economy.

Contributions from US commercial and tribal gaming industries

A total of 45 states and the District of Columbia have established commercial and tribal gaming markets, with various forms of gambling like sports betting, online casinos and traditional casino gaming.

These states collectively host a total of 1,005 gaming locations. This includes:

  • 478 commercial casinos spread across 27 states
  • 527 tribal casinos in 29 states
  • Legal sports betting in 38 states with the District of Columbia
  • Legal online gambling in 8 states, with a few others having ongoing legislative procedures to join the market.

The American gaming industry has been able to positively impact various aspects of local communities and different sectors, like:

  • Generating $328.6 billion for the US economy
  • Generating substantial tax revenue of $52.7 billion for the federal, state, and local governments
  • Creating an impressive 1.8 million job opportunities, bolstering employment prospects
  • Reaching $104 billion for wages and salaries in the US

In an AGA press release, President and CEO Bill Miller said during the State of the Industry remarks at G2E 2023:

“The US gaming industry delivers long-term growth and impact to communities, generating significant tax revenue, creating strong jobs, supporting local small businesses, and funding critical community priorities.”

National Economic Impact Of The US Gaming Industry 2023 Fact Sheet
Source: American Gaming Association’s National Economic Impact of the US Gaming Industry 2023 fact sheet.

US gambling industry demonstrates an impact beyond tax revenue generated

The influence of US gambling on the economy is undeniable, extending far beyond its tax contributions. It has significantly enriched various aspects of American life, including:

  • Entertainment and dining
  • Tourism
  • Job employment

Reports show that over 700,000 people are employed and paid directly by the gaming industry. The industry has emerged as a substantial source of employment, outpacing traditional industries like air transportation, the motion picture and video sector, and even the postal service.

Within the gaming industry, there’s a diverse range of job opportunities in hospitality, security, and administration.

The gaming industry is also responsible for impacting:

  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Funding of small businesses

According to American Attitudes Towards Gaming 2023, another AGA study, approximately 71% of American adults acknowledged the favorable impact of the gaming industry on the nation.

As a testament to this, around 102 million adults visited a casino in the past year, marking a substantial increase from the 28% recorded in 2021 and almost reaching pre-pandemic levels. These encouraging outcomes have instilled a sense of optimism among gaming executives about the current state of the industry.

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