Best and Worst MLB Mascots Ranked By Sports Fans (Survey)

Written By PlayUSA Staff on May 25, 2021 - Last Updated on June 13, 2022
Chicago Cubs mascot Clark entertains fans

When it comes to mascots, sports fans either love them or hate them.

But which mascots are the best and worst in MLB? We recently surveyed sports fans across the country to settle the debate once and for all with an ultimate MLB mascot rankings list.

MLB mascots are as diverse as MLB fans. Some are loud and in your face while others are a bit more subdued. But according to sports fans, it’s the Chicago Cubs’ very own “Clark the Cub” who takes the “W” for the best mascot in the league.

Overall, fans gave Clark a 3.95 rating out of 5. Clark ranked considerably higher than the mascot of the Cubs’ crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox. “Southpaw” of the Sox ranked in the bottom 10 on our list with an average rating of 3.07.

Coming in at No. 2 is PAWS of the Detroit Tigers. PAWS might ruffle some feathers, er, fur, of Clark the Cub because according to the MLB, PAWS doesn’t like mustard on his hot dog, which is a staple of a Chicago-style dog.

Rounding out our top 10 list is Dinger of the Colorado Rockies (No. 3), T.C. of the Minnesota Twins (No. 4), and The Oriole Bird of the Baltimore Orioles. All mascots within the top five received more than three and a half star ratings.

MLB’s Most Average Mascots

Before we get to our list of the worst mascots in MLB, we can’t forget about the mascots who are just sort of, well, meh.

According to online sports betting fans, the most middle of the road mascots include:

  • Baxter of the Arizona Diamondbacks (No. 16)
  • Screech of the Washington Nationals (No. 15)
  • Lou Seal of the San Francisco Giants (No. 14)
  • Mariner Moose of the Seattle Mariners (No. 13) and
  • Phillie Phanatic of the Philadelphia Phillies (No. 12)

Worst MLB Mascots

Our ranking wouldn’t be complete if we failed to mention the worst MLB mascots. According to fans, Slider of the Cleveland Indians is the worst mascot in the league with an overall star rating of just 2.7.

Joining the list are Swinging Friar of the San Diego Padres (No. 26), Billy the Marlin of the Miami Marlins (No. 25), Raymond of the Tampa Bay Rays (No. 24) and Blooper of the Atlanta Braves (23). All five mascots received ratings below three stars. But hey, don’t throw too much shade at them because even though they might be losers, they’re still lovable – to some.

MLB Fanbases Who Love Their Team’s Mascot

MLB mascots ranked by fans

Along with asking sports fans to rank MLB mascots, we were also curious to see how fanbases rated their own mascot. Even though the Phillie Phanatic ended up in the middle of our overall ranking, he is clearly beloved by Phillies fans who gave him a 4.41 rating out of 5.

When it comes to fans who dislike their team’s mascot, look no further than the Tampa Bay Rays who didn’t even give their mascot, Raymond, 3 stars.

Most Obnoxious MLB Mascots

mlb mascots most obnoxious

Interestingly, the Phillie Phanatic is beloved by Phillies fans, but despised by others. According to fans, the Phanatic has the most obnoxious behavior in the league followed by Baxter of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Slider of the Cleveland Indians. Overall, Slider didn’t receive much love as he was also ranked the worst mascot in the league.

Sorry, Slider.


To determine our ranking, we surveyed more than 2,000 MLB fans across the country to ask them to rate every official MLB mascot on a scale of 1-5. Ratings were then averaged for each mascot. Among respondents, 59% were male and 41% were female with an average age of 37. Note: the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Yankees do not have official mascots, so they were not included in this list. 

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