These Are The Best MLB Uniforms, According to Sports Fans (Survey)

Written By PlayUSA Staff on June 3, 2021

For years, sports writers and critics have debated which MLB uniforms reign supreme, but what do everyday sports fans have to say about uniforms? In order to find out, we surveyed more than 2,000 MLB fans across the country and asked them to rank the good, the bad and the ugly.

best and worst mlb uniforms ranked

When it comes to the best MLB uniforms, there’s something to be said about the timeless look of classic uniform designs such as the iconic pinstripes on the jerseys of the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs.

According to MLB fans, both of these teams’ uniforms are the cream of the crop within the league. Respondents ranked the Cubs as the top uniform in the MLB followed by the Yankees.

Both uniforms have withstood the test of time and remained relatively unchanged throughout the decades with their distinctive pinstripes. Since 1912, the Yankees have had slight alterations to the design of their home uniforms and the Cubs’ home uniform has virtually stayed the same since 1958.

Coming in at No. 3 on our list is the Boston Red Sox uniform, which has maintained a classic and minimal look since the early 1900s. And, according to fans, the Red Sox might want to stick with the classics because nearly one-third (30%) say they “hate” the Nike MLB City Connect Red Sox uniform, which debuted in April and features a yellow jersey.

The Chicago White Sox rank No. 4 with the St. Louis Cardinals rounding out the top five MLB uniforms. The White Sox logo went through several uniform and logo evolutions throughout the 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s when the modern version of the Sox logo and uniform made its first appearance.

Speaking of Chicago teams, the Cubs were also ranked No. 2 for best team colors and No. 4 for best team logo among sports fans.

However, the top spot for best team logo goes to our neighbors to the north, the Toronto Blue Jays. Although the Blue Jays’ logo has evolved over the years, the blue jay itself has made an appearance in some form since the late 1970s.

Which MLB Uniforms Are The Worst?

Hopefully, fans of the Minnesota Twins won’t have any hard feelings, but MLB fans ranked their team’s uniforms dead last on our list. They are joined by the Seattle Mariners, who rank the second worst, followed by the San Diego Padres (No. 3), Milwaukee Brewers (No. 4) and Pittsburgh Pirates (No. 5).

Regardless of where your team falls on our list, there’s no shame in representing them because 56% of respondents agree that you’re “never too old” to wear a baseball jersey. So, keep rocking your team’s colors (even if fans think they’re ugly).


To determine our ranking, we surveyed more than 2,000 MLB fans across the country to ask them to rate every MLB home uniform as well as every team color and logo. Among respondents, 63% were male and 37% were female with an average age of 35. Note: respondents were only asked to rate the home uniform of each MLB team, not the away or alternate jerseys. 

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