Sports Betting Bill Approved By Illinois Legislature -- Here's What To Know

Sports Betting Bill Approved By Illinois Legislature — Here’s What To Know

Illinois is a governor’s signature away from becoming the next state to legalize sports betting. In classic Illinois fashion, House lawmakers voted at the last possible second to make gambling expansion part of a massive $44 billion capital funding package on Saturday. The Senate approved the package a day later. After numerous hours of deliberation, closed-door […]
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Which Governor Wants Sports Betting To Help With $1.1 Billion Budget?

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has set high expectations for Illinois sports gambling. During his first budget speech on Wednesday, Pritzker asked for $1.1 billion in new revenue, $212 million of which from legalized sports betting. “I’m calling on the legislature to take this up immediately so that Illinois can realize hundreds of millions of dollars, create […]
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