Massachusetts Casinos See Revenue Jump 14% In February

Written By J.R. Duren on March 17, 2023
Massachusetts Casinos February 2023 Revenue

Massachusetts casinos saw a slight jump in revenue last month, according to the latest report from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Encore Boston Harbor, Plainridge Park Casino, and MGM Springfield generated $98.0 million in slots and table games revenue in February, up around $1.1 million compared to revenue numbers from January.

Year-on-year, total gross gaming revenue from all three Massachusetts casinos rose around 14% from around $86 million in February 2022.

Encore Boston Harbor

Encore Boston Harbor drove the state’s overall increase in casino revenue, bringing in $62.7 million from its slots and table games. The casino’s overall revenue grew nearly $850,000 month-on-month.

That increase accounted for more than 75% of the state’s $1.1 million in casino revenue growth in February.  Additionally, Encore’s February revenue total was the third highest in the past 13 months.

MonthSlots Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)Table Games GGRTotal Slots and Table Games GGR
February 2023$32,797,874.02$29,907,304.74$62,705,178.76
January 2023$34,197,723.87$27,659,200.57 $61,856,924.44
December 2022$34,984,642.31$33,475,100.78 $68,459,743.09
November 2022$32,841,989.82$26,588,480.33$59,430,470.15
October 2022$33,677,401.58 $28,365,680.78$62,043,082.36
September 2022$32,941,867.36$28,642,137.95$61,584,005.31
August 2022$35,372,908.84$22,711,324.56$58,084,233.40
July 2022$35,051,906.67$28,642,137.95 $61,584,005.31
June 2022$31,468,282.71$28,365,680.78$62,043,082.36
May 2022$32,624,183.92$26,588,480.33$59,430,470.15
April 2022$34,118,122.32$33,475,100.78$68,459,743.09
March 2022$35,181,572.90$27,659,200.57$61,856,924.44
February 2022$31,054,019.69$23,688,641.56$54,742,661.25

MGM Springfield

MGM Springfield saw a modest increase of around $400,000 from its slots operations last month. Its total gross gaming revenue of $23.6 million in February was the highest total for the casino since March 2022.

MonthSlot Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)Table Games GGRTotal
Slots and Table Games GGR
February 2023$17,858,976.07$5,398,514.88$23,257,490.95
January 2023$18,452,254.93$4,401,494.82$22,853,749.75
December 2022$17,640,504.18$4,829,782.52$22,470,286.70
November 2022$17,327,291.21$4,706,483.14$22,033,774.35
October 2022$17,980,905.48$4,917,880.59$22,898,786.07
September 2022$16,358,042.03$4,213,605.83$20,571,647.86
August 2022$17,518,085.09$4,474,746.40$21,992,831.49
July 2022$17,275,318.86$4,242,403.60$21,517,722.46
June 2022$16,936,388.21$4,209,619.31$21,146,007.52
May 2022$17,113,181.60$4,039,067.85$21,152,249.45
April 2022$18,404,598.73$4,135,430.05$22,540,028.78
March 2022$18,837,606.75$5,442,915.75$24,280,522.50
February 2022$15,711,906.08$4,220,007.75$19,931,913.83

Plainridge Park

Plainridge Park, which only offers slot machines, saw a roughly $120,000 decrease in its month-on-month revenue. In February 2023, the casino brought in around $12.0 million, while its January revenue number exceeded $12.1 million.

MonthSlots Gross Gaming Revenue
February 2023$12,040,729.95
January 2023$12,166,668.78
December 2022$12,310,688.75
November 2022$11,392,148.60
October 2022$12,363,500.65
September 2022$12,199,572.68
August 2022$11,961,566.29
July 2022$12,498,196.15
June 2022$11,967,439.63
May 2022$11,731,163.49
April 2022$12,908,918.51
March 2022$12,937,163.66
February 2022$10,950,511.23

Massachusetts February 2023 sports betting revenue

Massachusetts sports betting generated $2.0 million in revenue in its first full month of legalized sports betting. The revenue totals reflect bets made at casinos only, as online sports betting launched earlier this month and wasn’t live in February.

Retail CasinoHandleRevenue
Encore Boston Harbor$16,900,615$857,602
Plainridge Park Casino$7,059,460$890,555
MGM Springfield$1,766,650$262,066
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