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West Virginia Online Casinos Rake And Break Revenue Record

Written By Derek Helling on March 23, 2023
west virginia online casinos February 2023

The gimmick of a Shake ‘N Bake television campaign in the 20th century was a child proudly exclaiming, “and I helped!” West Virginia online casinos are even younger than the child depicted in those commercials but regardless, they are similarly helping the state’s gambling industry in the state.

In fact, those online casino apps have never had a better month in terms of revenue than they did in February. Other gaming channels like sportsbooks in the state can’t boast record returns during the same month, however.

West Virginia online casinos rake and break the single-month record

The seven online casino apps operating in West Virginia were just as content with themselves as this child after February. Disregard the fact that the commercial’s depiction doesn’t include the child getting to enjoy any of the food she prepared but rather shows her serving drinks to others in some kind of child labor hellscape. That’s beside the point here.

Combined, the online casinos pulled in over $12.4 million in revenue during February. That represents a 55% improvement on their win from February 2022 and a new single-month record in the state. It also keeps alive a streak of five consecutive months with at least $10 million in revenue.

BetMGM Casino and FanDuel Casino, which operate under the purveyance of the Greenbrier in West Virginia, led the way for the month once again. Together, those apps claimed $6.4 million in revenue, or about 51.6% of the statewide total.

For as well as online casinos fared, West Virginia sports bettors did their own raking in February.

Players get even at West Virginia sportsbooks

According to Adam Hensley of PlayWV, West Virginia sports betting saw mixed results in February 2023. The state’s five physical sportsbooks lost over half a million dollars during the month. All while taking in around $4.3 million in bets.

The seven sports betting apps, however, fared somewhat better. They accepted about $35.4 million in bets for the month and made around $3.4 million on that money. Thus, West Virginia sportsbooks as a whole claimed $2.8 million in revenue for February.

While Super Bowl LVII bets at the sportsbooks might not have translated to record revenues for sportsbooks, February 2023 will be just as memorable for West Virginia online casinos as those Shake ‘N Bake commercials.

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