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Kansas Casino Revenue Surges In February, Up 13.2% From January

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on March 19, 2024
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In February, Kansas casinos showed a surge both month-over-month and year-over-year.

According to the Kansas Lottery’s February gaming report, the total revenue of the state’s four casinos was $34.3 million, a slight annual increase of nearly 0.8%. On a monthly comparison, however, the figure is almost a 13.2% increase from January’s $30.3 million revenue.

Meanwhile, the state’s sportsbooks reported $3,054,937 in revenue during February. Of that number:

  • Online sportsbooks reported $3,049,912
  • Retail locations won $5,025

February’s sports betting revenue represents a significant monthly drop.

All four Kansas casinos reported a monthly revenue increase in February

As mentioned, Kansas casinos won $34,298,725 million in total revenue in February from poker, slots, and table games.

Looking at operators individually, two out of four Kansas casinos reported annual growth in revenue:

  1. Kansas Star Casino: $13,796,248 (nearly 2.2% yearly rise)
  2. Hollywood Casino: $13,394,979 (almost 3.3% annual growth)
  3. Boot Hill Casino: $3,897,646 (a yearly drop of almost 1.4%)
  4. Kansas Crossing Casino: $3,209,852 (nearly 11% annual decrease)

While Hollywood Casino reported the biggest annual growth, Kansas Star Casino was once again the leader in revenue produced, according to the Kansas Lottery’s February 2024 gaming report.

As for the monthly comparison, all four Kansas casinos reported an increase from January 2024 revenue. Kansas Star Casino showed the biggest difference:

  • Kansas Star Casino: 14.7% monthly increase 
  • Hollywood Casino: 12.5% monthly increase
  • Kansas Crossing Casino: 11.4% monthly increase
  • Boot Hill Casino: 11.3% monthly increase

Sports gambling revenue in Kansas was considerably down from January

Kansas sportsbooks reported $203,046,644 in total bets during February. The figure represents an annual rise of 23.5% from February 2023’s $194,034,469. However, the total amount gambled in February 2024 is a 15.3% decrease from $239,618,587 collected in January.

Of the $203 million in total bets, most of the money came through online sports betting:

  • Online: $193,868,395
  • Retail: $9,178,249

While February’s total bets represent a 15% monthly decline, the revenue from sports betting of $3 million is a 78.7% monthly decrease from January’s $14.3 million.

Looking at operators’ monthly performance, DraftKings (partnered with Boot Hill) was a leader in both betting handle (total bets) and revenue:

  1. DraftKings: $87,650,558 in total bets, with $1,965,478 in revenue
  2. FanDuel: $58,542,682 in total bets, with $885,938 in revenue
  3. Barstool/ESPN: $14,675,857 in total bets, with negative revenue
  4. BetMGM: $20,180,353 in total bets, reporting negative revenue
  5. Caesars: $11,239,548 in total bets, with $198,496 in revenue
  6. PointsBet: $1,579,397 in total bets, with negative revenue

As for retail sportsbook operators, Hollywood Casino reported the highest number of settled wagers, $6,516,064. Meanwhile, Boot Hill (DraftKings) was the only operator that didn’t report negative revenue last month.

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