Ohio Provides Financial Counseling For Those Who Struggle With Problem Gambling

Written By Derek Helling on December 28, 2023 - Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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Providing quality assistance for people who struggle with gambling-related behavioral issues requires a whole-person approach. Ohio’s Casino Control Commission (OCCC) has taken a step in that direction for such people in the state.

The regulatory body has formed a partnership with GamFin, a company that provides financial counseling to those with such behavioral problems. Sound money management practices and a healthy attitude towards finances are a part of recovery from such problems.

Ohio adds GamFin services for citizens

According to a LinkedIn post from OCCC Problem Gambling Services Manager Cory Brown, GamFin services are available to both individual clients and treatment providers in Ohio. GamFin’s website explains those services.

GamFin provides educational materials, personalized counseling, and an online community for people who struggle with gambling-related behavioral issues and those who treat such disorders. In addition to Ohio, GamFin provides such services in 14 other states.

GamFin’s digital products are available on its website and via mobile apps. Interested parties in Ohio can participate free of charge through the OCCC’s agreement with GamFin. The OCCC is covering that cost.

The partnership keeps the OCCC among the national leaders in terms of providing disparate services to help people who struggle with gambling-related behavioral problems. GamFin’s services play a pivotal role in managing such issues.

The role of financial management in addressing problem gambling

GamFin’s services complement other services that people in Ohio can access through the OCCC. That includes a free year of Gamban, a service that blocks access to gambling apps and websites on electronic devices.

Together with behavioral counseling and other interventions, people in Ohio can take a whole-person approach to recovery from gambling-related pathologies. Money management can play a crucial role in such recovery.

For a person who struggles with gambling-related issues, perceptions of finances can become distorted. GamFin’s financial counseling can help restore an appropriate attitude toward money.

Additionally, education can assist people in formulating a plan to get out of any financial distress their problematic gambling activity may have put them in.

Finally, good money habits can alleviate situations that put people in positions that motivate them to gamble irresponsibly. In that way, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure.

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