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Georgia-Based Scientific Games Adds Ninth Studio To Its Online Content Hub

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Scientific Games recently tapped B2B iGaming supplier, 7777 Gaming, as its ninth studio partner for their iLottery platform.

With this new partnership, 7777 Gaming will be able to provide a selection of online lottery games through the SG Content Hub Partner Program.

Key takeaways:

  • Scientific Games partnered with 7777 Gaming to broaden its iLottery platform, offering various games through the SG Content Hub Partner Program.
  • Through the partnership, Scientific Games’ SG Content Hub Partner Program will offer an all-encompassing solution for game creation and iLottery portfolio management, streamlining operations, and improving tech integrations.
  • Scientific Games ensures that its game content meets stringent government requirements and operator expectations for customization, ensuring compliance while delivering tailored gaming experiences.

Partnership centers around the Scientific Games Content Hub Partner Program

Featuring a growing number of US online lottery games, the SG Content Hub Partner Program is a platform set apart by its inventive approach. These games are suitable for a broad range of players and language preferences, and they cover a variety of play styles. 

Additionally, players receive special access to several licensed properties drawn from the large portfolio of reputable businesses in the lottery sector.

In a Scientific Gaming press release, Chief Commercial Officer of 7777 Gaming Elena Shaterov said this alliance will be a great front to showcase its varied offerings.

“Partnering with Scientific Games marks a significant milestone for 7777 gaming. By integrating our lottery digital games into the SG Content Hub Partner Program, we gain exceptional opportunities to showcase our portfolio to numerous lottery operators worldwide. We are confident that this collaboration will yield numerous benefits for all stakeholders involved in upcoming lottery projects.”

Many other perks come with the SB Content Hub Partner Program providing an all-encompassing solution. This program advances game creation and iLottery portfolio management by streamlining operations, improving tech integrations, and enhancing data analytics.

The company makes certain that the content of its games satisfies the tight requirements imposed by the government as well as the expectations of operators regarding customization.

7777 Gaming ensures increased player satisfaction by utilizing custom-made lottery concepts. This provides players with a deeper sense of connection to the brand and encourages them to remain devoted. Steve Hickson, VP of digital games for Scientific Games said:

“We are delighted to welcome yet another top-class lottery game studio to our SG Content Hub Partner Program. The addition of 7777 gaming and their fantastic games aligns perfectly with our goal to make a variety of digital lottery content available to existing and new Scientific Games customers. The SG Content Hub Partner Program Is developing at pace as we continue to provide our customers with frictionless access to the very best content in the industry.”

Scientific Games expands its North American footprint

Scientific Games partners with 150 lotteries in 50 different countries. This highlights the scope and depth of its influence in the lottery industry worldwide.

Towards the end of last year, Scientific Games also boosted its portfolio with a Monopoly-themed online lottery game. It didn’t stop there in sealing 2023 with innovations; it also dropped a loyalty program in collaboration with the Delaware Lottery.

Additionally, the Georgia-based company maintains a partnership with the Ohio lottery, the Kentucky lottery, the Pennsylvania lottery, the Georgia lottery, and the North Carolina Education lottery.

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