New Pac-Man Games Allow Michigan Lottery Players To Chomp Up Prizes

Written By Derek Helling on June 9, 2022
Multiple Ways To Play The Pac Man Offer From The Michigan Lottery

If you haven’t tried to avoid ghosts while munching on cherries since the days of pumping quarters into an arcade console, there’s some new nostalgia available for you. New Michigan Lottery Pac-Man games pair elements of the arcade game with the opportunity to win lots of quarters.

The program also has options for all players across online and retail channels. Two of the games deliver potential wins with all the speed of the classic arcade game‘s highest levels, too.

Michigan Lottery Pac-Man program offers new games

The program calls upon video game history to help the Lottery make some history of its own. According to a Thursday press release, this is the first time that the Michigan Lottery has offered an instant ticket, an online instant game, and a pull-tab ticket, all with the same theme.

Pollard Banknote has weaved elements of Pac-Man throughout all the games. Prices for online plays range from $0.10 to $2.00. The size of the potential prizes escalates with the cost of the play.

For example, for those who risk the full $2.00 gets a cherry lands the top prize of $40,000. Players can also uncover that payday by advancing all the way across the screen without running into a ghost.

The online version also comes with a bonus game that players activate if they find three consecutive Pac-Man symbols. Overall odds of winning any prize for the online game are 1 in 24.81. The physical games come with even better odds.

Better odds at smaller prizes in Michigan stores

The physical scratch-off ticket, available at lottery retailers in Michigan, costs $2. Players can opt to spend just a single dollar on the pull-tab game as well. The pull-tab game offers a top prize of $6,000. For that game, there is a 1 in 4.74 chance of winning a prize.

Players who spend $2.00 on the scratcher stand to win a potential jackpot of $30,000. Their odds aren’t that much worse despite the top prize being a 5X multiple from the pull-tab game, either. Those odds for a prize of any size are 1 in 4.64.

Regardless of which way Michiganders choose to play, Pac-Man is back. Cherries and ghosts, beware.

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