Mississippi November Casino Revenue Nearly Flat To October, Down Yearly

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on December 21, 2023
Exterior Of Gold Strike Casino Resort In Tunica, MS

November wasn’t the best month for Mississippi’s casino and sports betting revenue. The revenue generated from Mississippi casinos of a little over $191.5 million was the second worst this year after October.

On the other hand, the sports betting handle showed a monthly increase but a year-over-year drop, while revenue decreased monthly and yearly.

Revenue from Mississippi casinos remains low in November

Last month, Mississippi casinos generated $191.56 million in revenue. The figure was only a 0.26% monthly increase from the $191.07 million gaming revenue reported in October for Mississippi casinos.

Monthly casino adjusted gross revenue 2023 totals:

  1. January: $201,957,820.66
  2. February: $206,392,084.47
  3. March: $226,787,208.42
  4. April: $209,406,398.39
  5. May: $210,241,153.23
  6. June: $198,188,376.07
  7. July: $218,599,574.24
  8. August: $198,743,945.85
  9. September: $209,989,116.37
  10. October: $191,065,666.85
  11. November: $191,563,506.54
    Total: $2,262,934,851.09

The state’s three gaming regions – central, coastal, and northern – also saw November 2023 revenue drop by 1.58% from the same period last year.

Mississippi sports betting handle high in November

According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission’s latest report, the state’s overall sports betting handle was $62.41 million in November. The figure is a 26.08% increase from October’s $49.50 million.

Even though the figure rose monthly, it is still a 17.93% decrease from November 2022. Here’s how Mississippi sports betting handle in November compared to the rest of the year:

  • January: $57,223,250.63
  • February: $39,807,504.26
  • March: $46,689,391.65
  • April: $31,805,003.88
  • May: $26,761,690.60
  • June: $20,414,901.65
  • July: $17,728,738.50
  • August: $21,392,231.38
  • September: $51,647,914.72
  • October: $49,503,678.86
  • November: $62,412,734.66

Despite seeing the monthly progress in betting handle, the taxable revenue for November was only $3.10 million, a 57.75% decrease from October. Compared to last year, November 2023 revenue from Mississippi sportsbooks shows a 39% annual drop.

There’s a growing interest in Mississippi online sports betting

The Mississippi Mobile-Online Sports Betting Task Force has been dedicated to producing recommendations for state legislators about the potential expansion of gambling.

The 13-member team completed work on its online sports betting report on Dec. 15. The report estimates Mississippi could see up to $27.1 million in tax revenue by FY 2029, based on different tax models presented.

The task force met for the last time this year on Nov. 28. While sports betting revenue would bring a significant influx to the state’s budget should legalization occur, several team members are still worried.

They are concerned about the potential damage online gambling would have on local businesses and casinos.

For the time being, Mississippi online casinos remain illegal in the state except at the retail casinos offering on-site online gambling, including:

  • Biloxi’s Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel
  • Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica
  • Multiple Pearl River Resort
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