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New Study Shows Gamblers Think Responsible Gambling Tools Build Trust

Written By J.R. Duren | Updated:
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A new study from research firm Optimove indicates that gamblers believe responsible gambling tools are important in building trust between online gambling operators and bettors.

Optimove presented its findings at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas this week. Among the key takeaways from the study was that three in four gamblers believe that operators who offer responsible gaming tools boost trust and loyalty.

“An overwhelming 75% of players perceive responsible gambling tools as instrumental in bolstering trust and loyalty towards operators,” Optimove noted in a press release about the study, titled “Optimove 2023 Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing.”

Most bettors set betting limits, study finds

Beyond bettors perceiving responsible gambling tools fueling trust, Optimove found that an impressive 90% of bettors set bet limits for themselves.

Additionally, the study found that 97% of bettors are aware of responsible gambling resources. That nearly every gambler knows where they can find information about betting responsibly is a big win for operators that promote responsible gaming measures.

The high awareness level may also validate efforts by states to implement and enforce rules that require online gambling advertisements and sites to prominently display problem gambling resources.

Participation lags behind awareness

While all but 3% of gamblers are aware of responsible gaming resources, only 56% use those resources. Though participation is far behind awareness, it’s hard to gauge if that figure represents growth because

Optimove didn’t publish the same study in 2022.

Optimove study offers five action items for online gambling operators

After analyzing the results of the study, Optimove formulated a five-recommendation strategy for online gambling operators that, in theory, “enhances the player experience but also effectively mitigates the risk of players developing unhealthy habits and practices”:

  • Promote responsible gambling: Optimove recommends that gambling operators continue to highlight responsible gaming, as it can build trust with customers and, in theory, improve customer retention.
  • Encourage getting limits: Betting limits help gamblers self-regulate, and according to Optimove, most gamblers take advantage of them.
  • Continuous education: Gambling signs and risks should be at the front of operators’ continuing efforts to educate bettors about responsible gaming.
  • Monitor and support: Monitoring player behaviors and offering interventions are important steps in averting problem gambling.
  • Use data analytics: Operators should leverage customer data platforms to help detect problem gambling habits.

“Responsible gambling poses a critical challenge in the iGaming industry,” Optimove noted.

“Neglecting responsible gambling measures can lead to problem gambling, eroding trust and loyalty in operators. It’s essential for a healthy, sustainable player-operator relationship.”

Recent studies by Optimove provide insight into the gambler’s mind

Optimove has released other studies this year that give us a glimpse into the gambler’s mind:

  • October online casino and sportsbook study: Optimove found that those who gamble through online casinos and sportsbooks value fast load times and efficient payouts.
  • September NFL betting habits study: Over-under bets are the favorite among those who gamble on NFL games. Meanwhile, 35% of respondents said they plan on playing full-game parlays.

In addition to its research into gambling habits, Optimove has developed AI that helps the company identify problem gambling habits among customers of its client base, which includes BetMGM and Rush Street Interactive.

Through the implementation of responsible gambling tools based on AI-driven data, Optimove noted that one of its clients has seen a 35% decrease in problem-gambling risk in its average user profile.

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