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Pennsylvania’s March Online Gambling Revenue Tops $233.1 Million, Up 8.3%

Written By Katarina Vojvodic | Updated:
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Pennsylvania online casino operators had a very successful March, topping an incredible February 2024 gaming revenue in PA.

Specifically, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) reported that online casinos made $233.1 million in earnings in March. It’s the third time in four months they’ve topped $200 million, breaking the revenue record for the month.

According to the regulator, the figure represents a 28.4% annual increase and an 8.3% monthly rise. After successful February and March, PA operators are on the way to breaking a revenue record for the year.

The Pennsylvania online casino revenue total of $233.1 million in March tops New Jersey’s March 2024 gaming revenue of $197.1 million.

Online slots remain the biggest revenue generators, showing monthly and yearly rise

In most cases, for most US online casinos, online slots are the biggest revenue generators, and March was no exception for Pennsylvania operators. Of the $233.1 million in online casino earnings generated in March, most of the money (76.2%, to be more exact) came from online slots:

  • Online slot revenue: $177.5 million
  • Table game revenue: $53.1 million
  • Online poker revenue: $2.5 million

Here’s how March figures compare to February 2024 and March 2023:

  • Online slot revenue is a 13.6% monthly increase and a 28.5% annual rise
  • Table game revenue is a 6.3% monthly drop and a 31.2% year-over-year rise
  • Online poker revenue is a 1.6% monthly growth, but a 14.4% annual drop

Online casinos in PA will likely break new yearly revenue record

According to an article by Corey Sharp of PlayPennsylvania, the Keystone State is on its way to producing more than $2.55 billion in online casino earnings in 2024. Last year, the Keystone State set an online casino revenue record, generating $2.11 billion in yearly takings.

So far this year, operators have turned in $637.7 million in adjusted gaming revenue:

  • January 2024: $189,302,559
  • February 2024: $215,288,753
  • March 2024: $233,087,603

The online casino revenue sum for the first three months of 2024 represents a 26.5% increase (or $133.5 million more) compared to what PA online casino operators collected in January, February and March of last year. This time last year, PA operators generated nearly $504.2 million:

  • January 2023: $160,341,330
  • February 2023: $162,310,430
  • March 2023: $181,528,950

Hollywood Penn National was Pennsylvania’s most successful operator in March

Since the PGCB March 2024 revenue report doesn’t reveal revenue by operator, the comparison is only observable by licensee.

While it’s unknown what each PA operator contributed to the market, these are the top-performing licensees in March:

  1. Hollywood Penn National: $85.2 million in total revenue
  2. Valley Forge: $65.5 million in revenue
  3. Rivers Philadelphia: $40.3 million in earnings
  4. Harrah’s Philadelphia: $11.4 million in revenue

During the last month, eleven PA operators paid the state $81.6 million in taxes.

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