Fliff Moves To Diversify Options For Players With Mojo Software Acquisition

Written By Derek Helling on February 5, 2024 - Last Updated on February 6, 2024
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People on Fliff’s sports prediction platform could soon get some new options to diversify their plays. Exactly how that might take shape in the app in the future is currently unclear, but the recent acquisition of software and staff points to some possibilities.

Fliff has acquired Mojo’s software and some of the company’s staff as Mojo changes its business model.

“Fliff is creating a completely new vertical within sports gaming by applying rewards and metagames popularized in other mobile free-to-play and promotional games to sports predictions,” Fliff founder Matt Ricci said in a statement to Sportico. “The opportunity to acquire the Mojo platform and engineering team provided us with an immediate path to accelerate product development.”

Fliff buys Mojo technology

According to a Sportico article by Jacob Feldman, Mojo is altering its business model. The company once operated an athlete performance futures exchange in New Jersey. On the platform, people could trade expectations for athletes like commodities.

Mojo is moving to create pricing models for sportsbook operators in a business-to-business format, Feldman reports. Because of that shift, its own sports trading division no longer fit. Rather than simply shut it down, though, Mojo found a buyer.

Fliff, which offers free-to-play sports prediction games online, is that buyer. Feldman reports that along with the technology, Fliff has acquired all the staff who were working on that product for Mojo.

While Fliff has not yet disclosed how soon it plans to incorporate the technology or exactly how it will do so, the acquisition signals an expansion of the current platform at the very least.

Acquiring Mojo’s staff and technology allows Fliff to do that.

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