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King Cash Rules SugarHouse Casino, But How Are His Commercials?

Sugarhouse has just released six new quirky TV ads in a quest to build their customer base. But how good are they at enticing players to log online?

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SugarHouse online casino has just released six new quirky TV ads in a quest to build their customer base.

All the ads feature the character King Cash, who is the embodiment of all things slots. In addition to his regal attire, he carries a staff—reminiscent of an old-fashioned slot handle—featuring the lucky number 7, his belt buckle is the iconic Wheel of Fortune, and hanging from a gold chain around his neck is the traditional 777/Bars/Cherries slot reel. (A 3×3 configuration, if you must know.)

All the ads are aimed at new players, and promote a sign-up bonus where King Cash will provide newbies with a wheel spin worth a guaranteed $10 to $20 for play on Sugarhouse’s USA online casino. The majority of the ads promote their large selection of game slots, naming off the most popular to entice players.

Let’s do a rundown on each of the ads…

King Cash – The Dance

The first Sugarhouse TV ad features King Cash strolling down the street strutting his stuff and attempting some funky dance moves, all the while spreading the wealth (in the form of flying cash!).

Next comes the sign-up promotion and game listings spiel, with the finale being King Cash strolling back down the street while letting cash fly through the air.

The ad itself feels a bit low budget, but it is playful and does a good job trying to woo new customers with their promise of bonuses, free money, and a great game selection.

[show-table name=cta-sugarhouse]

King Cash – The Dishes

Next up brings us into the home of a potential player doing the dishes. He turns around to find King Cash in his kitchen. Startled, he asks who has just invaded his own domain. The King responds with a flurry of flying bills, meant to entice our domestic dishwasher.

The cash hooks a new customer, and in the final scene they are sharing a meal together (albeit hamburgers and hot dogs), using some of that cash as a napkin.

The ad is squarely aimed at at-home players (who may need a distraction from doing mundane chores). Showing a satisfied customer and the promise of cash may just do the trick and rope in a few new players to the site.

King Cash – The Garbage

It’s not every day that you take out the garbage and find a king magically appearing! In the third Sugarhouse TV ad, that is exactly what happens. You’ve got the white picket fence, shiny silver trash cans, and a gentleman trying to take out the trash.

Out pops the King and the man doesn’t seem in the least surprised. In fact, he just asks, “How ya’ doin’ buddy?” The answer is not only whirling cash, but the garbage bag now has a gold sack of cash sitting atop it. Smiling, the man welcomes King Cash to neighborhood.

The one strange thing about this ad is that the man clearly has something hanging out of his mouth (a piece of pizza?) while handling the garbage, and it mysteriously disappears when King Cash pops up. I’m mystified as to why they would include this seemingly ineffective ploy. I found it to be distracting and lost the message of the commercial trying to figure it out.

King Cash – The Laundry

Ad number four finds us looking into a messy living room, with toys and clothes strewn about and ironing board at the ready. The occupant carries a laundry basket, wading through it all to pick up dirty clothes, and slips on one of the aforementioned toys, a skateboard. Basket goes flying, he lands on the couch and when he looks up, King Cash has suddenly appeared.

The King waves his staff and cash wafts through the air, for which the gentleman is all too happy about. After introducing the sign-up bonus, the ad touts the generous rewards at Sugarhouse, rather than the myriad of games they offer. Ultimately, you see the King ironing clothes while the man plays online on his tablet, surrounded by cash.

Well, who wouldn’t want to be playing online instead of doing laundry? If only the King would come to my house and do the ironing! While the reality is that will never happen, the ad does make the point that taking a bit of time out for yourself amidst domestic chores can certainly change your mood. And for that, the ad is on point.

King Cash – The Mop

This ad is the only one of two to feature a woman as the target of King Cash’s generosity. Mopping the floor in a pajama top and socks, the King appears and fills her bucket with…cash. Her startled expression turns to joy at the sight of it all.

In addition to mentioning the sign-up bonus, Sugarhouse features customer testimonials, all read by women. Smart move on their part, as this type of affirmation tends to engender trust, much like a friend’s recommendation. Then the commercial closes with a happy new customer dancing with the king.

The downfall or ineffectiveness of this ad, from my perspective, is that the ad shows the woman in pajamas, while all the men are fully dressed. The ad would have gotten the same message across with her in street clothes and been less offensive.

King Cash – The Newspaper

Oops, and here we are again, a woman in pajamas in the final ad. She’s on her front drive, coffee in hand, stretching to greet the day. Then the newspaper lands squarely in her coffee cup, spilling and making a mess. She turns to find King Cash. He waves his staff, with attendant cash flying, and the next thing you know they are settled into her kitchen, where she is on a tablet playing on Sugarhouse. with a fruit platter and orange juice artfully arranged around her.

It ends with the spiel for the sign-up bonus and a listing of games, then one final shot of a very happy woman.

This one had more of a hokiness factor than the others. I knew once she stretched her arms that disaster would strike. (And who gets a paper delivery anymore?) I’ll also reiterate my disdain at featuring yet another woman in her pajamas, this time looking a bit unkempt. This ad was the least effective, in my mind.

Overall, this is a fairly good rotation of ads designed to hook new players. They’ve appealed to the regular Joe (and Jane) and used actors with a variety of ethnicities, ages, and activities. By having six different ads featuring the same character, King Cash, Sugarhouse is building their brand to be recognizable and touting some of their best features, which are sign-up bonuses and a large selection of online games.

Certainly a tempting offer that will, no doubt, attract additional clientele to their online casino.

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