BetMGM Gift Cards Now Available In 12 States

Written By Derek Helling on May 17, 2022
Stores Now Have BetMGM Gift Cards Into New States

For those who like to gamble with cash, retail casinos are often the destination of choice. BetMGM gift cards have already provided a way for those players to diversify their plays by accessing online gambling channels as well. Now, those options are available to even more people.

BetMGM announced the expansion of its gift card distribution into more places in the United States. The gift cards convert cash into credit on BetMGM’s app but also help with responsible gambling as well.

BetMGM gift cards double their footprint

Prior to this expansion, BetMGM gift cards were available at 6,000 retailers in the US. In coordination with distributor TAPPP, gamblers can now access the same in 12,000 different locations.

According to a press release, the expansion will prioritize getting more of the cards into grocers in the relevant markets. Other priorities will be big box stores and home improvement retailers. Prior to this, convenience stores like 7-Eleven were a focus.

The expansion also means players in new states like Mississippi and Wyoming will now have access to the cards as well. Those two states join 10 others. BetMGM offers online gambling of some sort in at least parts of 15 states plus Washington, DC.

If you’re curious where the retailer nearest you selling the cards is, BetMGM has a free online locator. The usefulness of these cards includes a way to avoid fees, circumvent bank policies, and budget your spending.

Why BetMGM gift cards are worth checking out

Some people who gamble online run into issues when using funding sources tied to traditional bank accounts. For example, some banks do not allow account holders to use credit or debit cards for gambling transactions.

Additionally, some users find that when making deposits into their BetMGM accounts using certain payment methods, they have to pay a percentage as a transaction fee. These gift cards can provide solutions for both of those problems.

There are no fees with these gift cards, and there’s never a concern that BetMGM won’t recognize your deposit. Perhaps the greatest benefit, though, is how gamblers can use these cards as a responsible gambling tool.

These cards can act as a natural budgeting device. You can opt to simply load your bankroll onto a card and then redeem it in the app. If you stick to spending only what you’ve loaded, you’re guaranteed to never exceed your budget.

The important thing to remember with these cards is that they do not act like prepaid debit cards. They are not reloadable, and you cannot use them to withdraw any winnings as cash. For withdrawals, you’ll still need another funding source or to visit a physical MGM casino cage.

Their upsides can still outweigh those inconveniences for gamblers who want to turn cash into credit for BetMGM Casino or BetMGM Poker, though.

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