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How Eldorado Resorts’ Players Club Will Merge With Caesars Rewards

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In late June, Eldorado Resorts announced that they entered into a merger agreement with Caesars Entertainment. The new company will combine properties next year and be called Caesars.

Eldorado Resorts CEO Tom Reeg has already stated that One Club members will be migrated to the Caesars Rewards loyalty club. This will be a major upgrade for existing Eldorado Resorts customers.

The merger expected to be completed sometime in the first half of 2020. In addition to many moving parts with the two companies, the deal has to be approved by regulators. The combination of Caesars and Eldorado will create the largest US gaming company with approximately 60 casinos in 14 states.

Eldorado is already selling properties so that they aren’t seen as a monopoly in any state where they and Caesars both have casinos. Part of the deal for Eldorado is to reduce expenses by eliminating duplication and waste.

One of the first changes Eldorado Resorts customers will see is the players’ club. Once combined, the changes to Caesars Reward will affect both Caesars and Eldorado customers — and for the better.

Eldorado Resorts’ One Club

Eldorado Resorts’ One Club is a traditional casino players’ club. This kind of loyalty program only rewards guests for money spent while gambling in the casino. One Club cards may be used in slot machines, video lottery terminals (VLTs), table games and sportsbooks.

Unlike Caesars Rewards and other large casino loyalty clubs, points are not awarded for money spent elsewhere at Eldorado Resorts properties. However, points earned from gambling may be used on non-gaming amenities such as hotel rooms, dining, entertainment and more.

This players’ club structure makes sense for Eldorado Resorts. The majority of Eldorado Resorts properties are mostly smaller casinos and racinos (casinos at horse racing tracks). Thanks to recent acquisitions like Tropicana Entertainment, they now more true resorts with amenities like spas, shows and fine-dining restaurants.

When One Club is folded into the much larger Caesars Rewards loyalty club, customers will be able to earn reward points from spending anywhere in the casino, resort, hotel and more. Additionally, Eldorado Resorts customers will have access to multiple Las Vegas casinos for the first time.

In fact, Eldorado Resorts One Club members will have access to Caesars properties all over the US. While there are international Caesars properties in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Egypt, etc., it’s unclear if they will remain with the company after the merger is complete.

Details on how tiers and points will be converted from One Club to Caesars Rewards aren’t available yet because the deal hasn’t been officially approved and finalized.

Caesars Rewards advantages for One card members

Caesars Rewards (formerly Total Rewards) loyalty club is already one of the largest casino loyalty clubs in the US. The loyalty club already boasts 40 million members.

When the merger with Eldorado Resorts is complete Caesars will add about 10 million more people to the Caesars Rewards database. Members will soon have access to stay and play in 14 states.

Access to additional casinos is just one new benefit for Eldorado Resorts One Club members.

Earning Caesars Rewards credits is easy

New Caesars Rewards member will now be able to earn Reward Credits just about anywhere inside the casino. Caesars Rewards members can earn Reward Credits from money spent on gambling, dining, drinking, shows, spa treatments, and more.

Through various partnerships, Caesars Rewards members can earn and use Reward Credits without even stepping foot into a casino.

Caesars Rewards partners

One of the major benefits for new Caesars Rewards members will be access to benefits with partners outside of the casino and resorts. Caesars Rewards has loyalty member partnerships with the following companies:

  • Atlantis Paradise Island
  • Wyndham Hotels
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Hertz
  • Rocketmiles
  • NRG Home

In addition to partnerships with other companies, Caesars Entertainment offers a variety of ways to earn Reward Credits without visiting the casino. Members can shop their e-catalog, fill out surveys, or play social games online to earn credits.

Caesars Rewards also offers regular promotions for both Tier and Reward credits.

Caesars Rewards offers better dining options

Much like One Club, Caesars Rewards’ reward credits are redeemable for meals. The difference in dining is the quality of eateries and celebrity chef restaurants that One Club members can access.

Many Caesars Entertainment properties offer fine-dining experiences that aren’t available and most Eldorado Resorts’ properties. Caesars Entertainment properties are home to numerous celebrity chefs. Gordon Ramsay, Giada De Laurentiis and Guy Fieri have restaurants at multiple Caesars Entertainment casinos.

Better tier benefits for high rollers with Caesars Rewards

Higher tier One Club members could have access to upper-level benefits of Caesars Rewards that are above and beyond what is available today. Caesars Rewards’ Diamond and Seven Stars members have resort fees waived. This savings can be as much as a $40 per night. Diamond and Seven Stars members both receive access to VIP Laurel Lounges for complimentary drinks and snacks.

Both tiers receive an annual celebration dinner credit (Diamond – $100, Seven Stars – $500). Seven Stars members receive an annual trip to a Caesars Rewards destination with airfare up to $1,200, roundtrip transportation between the airport and hotel, and a $500 dining credit. The highest loyalty club tier of Caesars Rewards also receives a complimentary trip on Norwegian Cruise Line every year.

Comps might become more difficult

Adding 10 million One Club members to the 4o million Caesars Rewards could make hotel room rewards more difficult. There are limited complimentary hotel rooms available for every casino operator. The merger will add about 20% more people looking for complementary and discounted rooms at Caesars’ properties.

Not everyone will receive the discounts or freebies they expect once the loyalty club grows. Existing Caesars Rewards members might find access to Las Vegas particularly difficult. Former One Club members will look to take advantage of the new rewards as soon as they can.

The future of Caesars Rewards

Caesars Rewards is one of the most valuable assets for Caesars. The new management will figure out how to maximize the loyalty club once the merger is complete. Changes might not happen right away. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see changes to Caesars Rewards once the dust settles on the deal and “new” Caesars finds its footing.

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