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Caesars Rebrands Total Rewards Players Club, Adds Premium Tier Perks

Written By Marc Meltzer | Updated:
Caesars Entertainment is rebranding its Total Rewards loyalty player's club program.

Caesars Entertainment is rebranding its Total Rewards players’ club as Caesars Rewards.

This program continues to be one of the largest and most popular casino loyalty clubs in the US. In 2018, Total Rewards had more than 55 million members.

Caesars Rewards

There won’t be many changes to the players’ club when the name changes. Caesars Rewards will merely continue the tradition that many Caesars Entertainment customers have come to expect from Total Rewards.

The rebrand will keep about everything intact, add a couple of benefits and pretty new players’ club cards. Members won’t have to change their playing habits and they can even keep using their old Total Rewards card.

However, Caesars Entertainment does recommend picking up a new Caesars Rewards’ players’ club card beginning Feb. 1, at any Caesars Rewards Center. New cards will not be sent to customers through the mail.

It all started with Total Rewards

Caesars Rewards has a lot to live up to after being named the “Best Players Club” by USA Today’s “10Best” Readers’ Choice Awards.

When it started in 1997, Total Rewards was the first fully integrated national player rewards program. Caesars Rewards is the casino loyalty club that every competitor has modeled its club after in one way or another.

Caesars Rewards will still work with nearly 40 casinos across 13 states, including the following:

Same policy for tier and rewards credits

It’s convenient that the changeover to Caesars Rewards will be virtually stress-free for players, as the general program structure is basically the same.

Regardless of the card used in Caesars’ casinos, guests will not see adjustments in their reward credit balance. It will remain the same as long as at least one reward credit is earned every six months. This policy is the same as Total Rewards’.

Tier credits were reset to zero at the beginning of the New Year just as they would have with Total Rewards. The tier levels will remain the same for Caesars Rewards:

  • Gold: Zero-4,999 tier credits
  • Platinum: 5,000-14,999 tier credits
  • Diamond: 15,000+ tier credits
  • Seven Stars: 150,000+ tier credits (Exclusive, invitation only)

The daily tier credit bonuses will also remain intact:

  • First bonus: Earn 500 tier credits, receive 125 tier credit bonus
  • Earn 1,000 tier credits, receive 1,000 tier credit bonus
  • Earn 2,500 tier credits, receive 5,000 tier credit bonus
  • Maximum bonus: Earn 5,000 tier credits, receive 10,000 tier credit bonus

New Caesars Rewards benefits for premium tier

Though Caesars Rewards will mostly offer the same benefits of the old program, there will be extra incentives to get up to a premium tier. Premium members will see these new reward options:

  • Platinum: Will receive one free night in Las Vegas or Atlantic City for every 5,000 tier credits earned in 2019, up to seven nights.
  • Diamond: Diamond members will also receive two free nights at the new Caesars Resort Dubai.
  • Seven Stars: Seven Stars members will see new benefits coming soon in addition to the trips the Diamond members can earn.

Find out more information here regarding Caesars Rewards member levels and changes.

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