Monarch Colorado Casino Theft, Suspect Said She Was Told To Do It

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on March 29, 2023 - Last Updated on March 30, 2023
Monarch Colorado Casino Cashier Steals $500K

Earlier this month, the Centennial State witnessed what may have been the largest casino theft in Colorado gambling history. The police arrested a Monarch Casino cashier on suspicion of stealing after $500,000 went missing from the Black Hawk, Colorado casino.

The Colorado Division of Gaming noted that the suspect packed the money into a box and drove off in a minivan.

Monarch Casino employee drives off with boxes of cash

According to the 9 News, the incident occurred at 12:45 am on Mar. 12. As the Gaming Division investigator said in an affidavit, the surveillance video captured the casino worker, Sabrina Eddy (44). The investigator said the footage showed Eddy reaching into the money cage and taking out stacks of cash on multiple occasions.

Ron Kammerzell, a former head of the Gaming Division who now works as a regulatory consultant for the gaming industry, told 9News: “For something like that to happen, it would’ve had to defeat a number of different levels of casino controls within the property.”

Kammerzell said he had never heard of a casino theft of this proportion since 1991 when gaming became legal in the state.

Suspect claims she only did as instructed

According to the arrest affirmation, the suspect told investigators she did nothing wrong. She said she only did what the casino bosses instructed her to do.

The Monarch Casino employee said she stole money because someone claiming to be an executive sent her text messages. Although aware of the casino procedures, she said she decided to do otherwise.

The affidavit further states that the woman told investigators she received a call on the casino’s phone. A man claiming to be Monarch’s head of operations told her the casino was having “a problem with a UPS order.”

He and another man also told Eddy they needed the cash, or the casino would “be in breach of contract”. The woman said the two men told her the money would be delivered to a lawyer. As instructed, Eddy brought the box to St. Anthony’s Hospital. The affidavit said the man came and took it around 4:36 in the morning.

That’s when she called the casino to inform them that she was returning to the casino, the document said.

Colorado casino stealing investigation continues

Kammerzell said the Division of Gaming would further investigate the theft. Meanwhile, the Division of Gaming stated to FOX31, saying:

“The Division of Gaming is currently conducting active administrative and criminal investigations into a recent theft at the Monarch Casino, and the Division of Gaming is unable to make any statements or provide any records related to its investigation during the active investigation process.”

As the investigation continues, Eddy remains at the Gilpin County Jail on suspicion of theft.

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