Wild Poker Like PokerStars PowerUp, But With Giraffes And Mayweather

Written By Martin Derbyshire on November 29, 2017

[toc]Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. has signed on to be the face of a poker-based social casino adventure game.

Wild Poker is the brainchild of social casino game developer Playtrex and publisher Hero Digital Entertainment. It is apparently Texas Hold’em Poker with a unique twist. There are elements of strategy and adventure, including power-ups and special skills.

The world’s leading online poker site, PokerStars, released a similar game earlier in 2017. PokerStars’ Power Up combines traditional no-limit hold’em with powers that give players the ability to influence a hand. This includes removing a card on the board, changing a hole cards, or preventing an opponent from doing the same.

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Only Wild Poker has Floyd Mayweather

However, only Wild Poker has signed arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in boxing history. Plus, they’ve made Mayweather a character in the game.

“As soon as I saw Wild Poker, I knew I wanted to become part of it,” Mayweather said in a press release.

“I’m constantly asked to put my name on stuff, but Wild Poker is different than any game I’ve ever seen. It’s poker, but it goes to the next level. There’s a whole new level of strategy with the power ups. It’s a cutting edge game, this is that next thing, and like everything I put my name on, Wild Poker is the best ever.”

The game features mostly animal characters playing poker with special skills. The shark has a sharp sense of smell and can detect another player’s fears. Plus, the giraffe’s elongated neck allows it to peer over another player’s shoulder and see their cards.

As players advance, they level up and unlock new characters with different abilities.

Promoter, presenter, character

Mayweather will be integrated into the game both as a character and a presenter. In fact, his character will introduce new hands and offer players tips. Mayweather will also appear as one of the poker players, allowing gamers to choose to play as Floyd Mayweather and take advantage of his own special skills.

Mayweather held 15 world titles in five weight classes throughout his illustrious boxing career. He retired in 2017 with an undefeated record of 50–0.

Hero Digital Entertainment CEO Ed Mills said Mayweather is the perfect partner to promote the game.

“We are ecstatic to attach one of the world’s most recognizable athletes to Wild Poker,” he said.

Plus, Playtrex CEO Daniel Kashmir said signing Mayweather demonstrates the lengths the developers is willing to go to promote the game.

“Our mission with Wild Poker is to evolve the social casino genre to make it more fun and appealing to all types of players. By adding Floyd as a presenter within the game, it shows that we are committed to providing game experiences that can’t be found in any other social casino game.”

Bringing Mayweather fans to social gaming

Additionally, Mayweather International Brand Manager and ONE Entertainment CEO Brent A. Johnson said the entire group is looking forward to turning Mayweather’s many fans into Wild Poker players.

“Merging the mobile gaming experience with Brand Mayweather was an organic fit. ONE Entertainment looks forward to introducing Wild Poker to Floyd’s 50 million plus global fan base. This partnership is a sneak preview of the future of the brand’s diverse and entertainment-fueled portfolio post-fighting.”

Wild Poker is available for download for free from the App Store and Google Play. It is not a real-money gambling app.

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