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Martin Derbyshire

Content Specialist

Martin Derbyshire is an Evergreen Content Specialist with PlayUSA. He’s been writing casino, poker, and sports betting content since 2007, with a particular focus on online gambling. A true veteran in a relatively young industry, Derbyshire has travelled to and written about casino and gambling culture all over the world, from the Strip in Las Vegas, to the High Street Bookmakers in London, and the Special Administrative Region of Macau.

Before immersing himself in the casino and gaming industry, Derbyshire was a crime reporter for a chain of newspapers in the Greater Toronto Area, with some of his top stories appearing in the Toronto Star. He also earned a Post-Graduate Certificate in Journalism from Langara College in Vancouver, BC.

Derbyshire now lives with his family in Buriram, Thailand, providing him with a unique view of the live casino and gaming industry from a distance, the ability to focus-in even more online, and a chance to avoid Canadian winters.

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