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Written By Marc Meltzer on December 12, 2023 - Last Updated on December 15, 2023
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Details about Fontainebleau Rewards were released just before the Las Vegas casino opening on Dec. 13. The Fontainebleau platform looks like a typical Vegas Strip casino rewards program.

Fontainebleau Rewards has multiple tiers with incremental increases in benefits the more a person spends on both gaming and non-gaming spaces inside the casino. While similar to other programs, Fontainebleau Rewards offers a few unique perks that others don’t.

Like all Las Vegas casino rewards programs, Fontainebleau Rewards members receive access to discounted room rates, member-exclusive offers and invitations, complimentary rooms, dining, slot play credit, and more.

Fontainebleau Rewards is an independent program at this time. There are no outside non-gaming partners and this isn’t linked to other Las Vegas casinos. Before opening, Fontainebleau said is not matching tier levels or offers with other Las Vegas rewards programs. It appears as though the casino might match tiers with other casino rewards programs. Some players might need to go through a host.

Time will tell how popular this rewards program will become. It took Resorts World Las Vegas more than two years to reach one million members.

Anyone planning to sign up can save time and fill out the Fontainebleau Rewards registration form before visiting. Guests can skip the signup line and print a card from the kiosks on the casino floor.

Earning Fontainebleau Rewards points and credits

Fontainebleau Rewards has three kinds of points and credits:

  1. Tier Credits – These credits are earned from all spending and allow players to advance to a higher tier status in Fontainebleau Rewards.
  2. Bleau Points – Players collect these points from all spending to use at eligible Fontainebleau outlets.
  3. Play Points – These are only earned when playing machine games and can be turned into slot play credit.

Guests earn each Tier Credit and Bleau Points at the same rate for most spending at Fontainebleau. Three (3) Tier Credit and Bleau Points are earned for every $1 of rated play on video poker and slot machines.

Table game players will receive Tier Credits but no Bleau Points.

Video poker and slot machine players will earn two (2) Play Points for every $1 of rated play. Players can use these for free play on certain machine games.

Five (5) Tier Credit and Bleau Points are earned for every $1 spent on retail, dining, spa treatments, and more at Fontainebleau.

Fontainebleau Rewards tier levels

Fontainebleau Rewards has four tier levels. Each offers more perks for members.

  1. Bleau: All
  2. Silver: 7,500-39,000 tier credits
  3. Gold: 40,000-89,999 tier credits
  4. Royal: 90,000 or more tier credits

According to the rewards program’s FAQ, each member’s “Tier Status and related benefits are effective from the date it was achieved through December 31 of the following year. Bleau Points and Play Points expire 13 months after the date they were earned.”

One unique perk for Fontainebleau Rewards is the Tier Credits and Play Points increase for all members. Everyone receives at least a 5% bonus on Bleau Points for spending on non-gaming amenities at Fontainebleau.

Members also receive a 3% bonus on Bleau Points and 2% on Play Points for slot machine play.

Specifics of the Fontainebleau Rewards tier levels

Generally, each Fontainebleau Rewards tier level offers the perks of lower levels along with new benefits. Fontainebleau Rewards offers a good number of benefits with an actual retail value for all upper-tier members, starting at Silver.

Here’s a look at the new benefits players will receive as they climb tier levels of Fontainebleau Rewards.


  • 10% bonus on Play Points
  • $100 dining credit
  • Complimentary view upgrade (when available)
  • Complimentary 1 p.m. late check-out (when available)
  • No charge for self-parking
  • Complimentary valet from Sun.-Thurs.
  • One complimentary cup of coffee at Chez Bon Bon (6:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.)
  • $3 off ATM fees


  • All Silver benefits
  • 20% bonus on Play Points
  • $150 dining credit
  • $150 spa credit
  • Complimentary suite upgrade (when available)
  • Complimentary 2 p.m. late check-out
  • Complimentary early check-in
  • No resort fee
  • Daily complimentary and priority valet
  • Complimentary ATM fees


  • All Gold and Silver benefits
  • 30% bonus on Play Points
  • $250 dining credit
  • $250 spa credit
  • Complimentary airport transportation

Based on the benefit increases, it seems as though the Gold Tier might offer the best incremental value when moving to higher tiers in Fontainebleau Rewards.

In a press release, Fontainebleau Las Vegas President Mark Tricano said “The Fontainebleau legacy is built on creating a personalized experience for every guest, and Fontainebleau Rewards takes that legacy to new heights.

“Our loyalty program is focused on simplicity, transparency, and convenience, seamlessly integrating both gaming and nongaming rewards. This empowers our members to effortlessly shape their unique journey through Fontainebleau Las Vegas.”

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