Gamble Responsibly America App Now Boasts More Free Tools

Written By Derek Helling on March 8, 2022
America App Update Has New Features For Gambling Responsibly

One of the most famous early Americans gets credit for coining the phrase, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin probably had no ability to foresee the Gamble Responsibly America app would fit that bill, but that’s part of the app’s value regardless.

The second edition of the free app is now available to people in the United States. Along with a bevy of information on how people who deal with compulsive gambling issues can access resources, there are several tools that take aim at helping gamblers avoid getting into that situation altogether.

What’s in the Gamble Responsibly America app update?

When the Entain Foundation US debuted the app last year, many of its features focused on consolidating helpful information for US gamblers regarding problem gambling. That all still exists, but there is much more in the second edition.

“The first version of Gamble Responsibly America was well-received and widely welcomed,” said Martin Lycka, Trustee of the Entain Foundation US.

“We’ve since been working hard on enhancements to provide an even more comprehensive tool for maintaining responsible gambling, as well as for preventing and mitigating problems, should they occur.”

The app features a live chat feature. In addition, users can access self-assessment tools. There is a space in the app for a daily gambling diary to track not only money but time spent gaming. That’s one tool that can help with prevention.

Others include information on setting limits within online gambling channels and a link to My Wager Score. That platform delivers gamblers a snapshot of their financial health and guides them on making sound decisions in real-time.

Another partner involved in the new update is Kindbridge. They are known to be the world’s first teletherapy company that focuses on the mental health of gamblers. Through its platform, people can access online professional mental health services.

With the inclusion of new features, the app is a powerful tool for promoting responsible gambling, optimizing its potential to make gambling online in the US even safer. The app is easy to access as well.

How to check out the Gamble Responsibly America app

Possibly the best part of the app is that all of its features are free to access. You don’t even have to register an account. Just search the App Store or Google Play Store for the app’s name, install it, and use it.

From there, the app’s navigation is pretty simple. The interface guides you to the features that are best for you based on the information you provide, or you can simply find exactly what you’re looking for if you have some in mind.

The app is available not only in English but also in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish now as well. Because of its accessibility and versatility, the app isn’t just for gamblers who might have an issue. All gamblers, even the most casual, can benefit from the financial health assessment and gambling tracking tools in the app.

Because it features no advertisements or monetization of any kind, people with pathological gambling issues can trust it will be a safe experience for them. As more people gamble responsibly, the pennies they save will be pennies earned.

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