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These Are The 7 Largest Las Vegas Valley Casino Floors

Written By Marc Meltzer on March 12, 2024
Wynn Las Vegas Casino And Encore Resorts

There are different ways to measure the largest Las Vegas casino. For simplicity, we’re going to look at the Las Vegas casinos with the most gaming space.

However, this tale starts outside of Las Vegas. Even though the most well-known casinos are in Las Vegas, the property with the most gaming space is hours north of the glitz and glamour.

Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno is the largest in Nevada. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) 2024, Non-Restricted Square Footage Report Silver Legacy has a total of 225,615 square feet of gaming space between table games, slot machines, sportsbook, poker room, and keno area.

While Las Vegas is known for its casinos, gaming hasn’t been the number one revenue generator for over two decades. Last year, 73.4% of Vegas Strip casino revenue was from non-gaming parts of the properties. Gaming only contributed 26.6% of the revenue to these casinos.

Despite the revenue, the gaming areas in Las Vegas casinos are the epicenter of the properties. Las Vegas restaurants, bars, shows, and so on often change but the casino floors remain similar.

Games may move around but the casino floor layout is often similar from year to year. Let’s take a look at the largest casino floors around the Las Vegas Valley.

Wynn has the largest Vegas Strip casino floor

We start at the Vegas Strip because this is where the vast majority of visitors stay in Las Vegas. According to the most recent Visitor Profile from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, approximately 70% of visitors stay on the Vegas Strip.

Wynn (NASDAQ: WYNN) has the largest Las Vegas casino floor thanks to having two hotels with separate gaming spaces on the same property. Between the Encore and Wynn hotel towers the property has a total of 191,424 square feet of gaming space, according to the NGCB.

Here’s a breakdown of the square footage for the different gaming spaces on the casino floor:

  • Slot Machines: 110,521 square feet
  • Table Games: 66,194 square feet
  • Sportsbook: 7,678 square feet
  • Poker: 7,031 square feet

Wynn should hold the title for the Las Vegas casinos with the largest gaming space for a while. The company still owns land across the street and could decide to expand someday.

The project formerly known as “Wynn West” is on hold. When the original plans were announced in 2018, the property sounded similar to adding another Encore-sized casino and hotel.

During Wynn Resorts’ Q4 2023 earnings call, CEO Craig Billings said the company is currently focused on new properties outside of Las Vegas in the UAE and possibly New York. Expansion might not come right away but this will give Wynn even more space than the other casinos in the area.

Rounding out the top 5 largest Vegas Strip casinos

The most popular Vegas Strip casinos are massive. It can take as much time to walk from the Bellagio sportsbook to the Resort Tower near the lobby as it takes to reach the hotel rooms across the street at the Horseshoe.

Large Vegas Strip casinos may have a lot of non-gaming amenities but they also have massive casino floors. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these huge casinos have the most gaming space on the Vegas Strip.

  1. MGM Grand: 156,524 square feet
  2. Bellagio: 156,000 square feet
  3. Aria: 152,550 square feet
  4. Mandalay Bay: 152,000 square feet

Fontainebleau could challenge to be in the top 5 largest casino floors in Las Vegas soon. Before opening, the Fontainebleau casino floor was said to have a 150,000-square-feet.

The NGCB hasn’t confirmed this since the report only covers casinos open during the Fiscal Year 2023 (July 2022-June 2023). We should find out if Fontainebleau makes the cut when the report is updated.

Circa is the largest downtown Las Vegas casino

Downtown Las Vegas casinos are among the smallest in the area. The vast majority of the buildings were built before the casino boom in the US.

Circa is the casino with the most gaming space in downtown Las Vegas. The 100,152 square feet is the largest among the older buildings on and around Fremont Street.

  • Slot Machines: 76,884 square feet
  • Table Games: 15,149 square feet
  • Sportsbook: 8,119 square feet

If anything is shocking in the NGCB data it’s that the “World’s Largest Sportsbook” only occupies 8,119 square feet. For comparison, the Westgate SuperBook occupies 14,357 square feet.

The Circa sportsbook feels larger because it’s open to the casino on multiple levels of the property. No other Las Vegas sportsbook offers this many vantage points.

The Plaza has the second-largest casino floor in downtown Las Vegas. Thanks to a 28,720 square-foot Bingo hall on the second floor, the Plaza has just over 77,000 square feet of gaming space.

Sunset Station: the largest Las Vegas locals casino off the Strip

Off-strip casinos can be almost considered malls for Las Vegas locals. In addition to gaming space, these casinos can be incredibly large thanks to movie theaters, bowling alleys, showrooms, regular dining, food courts, and more.

While there are different amenities for Las Vegas residents, many guests over 21 simply visit the casino. The gaming space at these casinos can be huge because they offer more gaming than the Vegas Strip.

Many of the largest Las Vegas locals casinos have Bingo halls, Poker rooms, and even Keno lounges. There’s often a large sportsbook for residents looking to get out of the house to watch the games they may or may not have a wager on.

The largest Las Vegas locals casino floor is Sunset Station with 163,951 square feet of gaming space. The Henderson, NV casino is about 25 minutes from the center of the Vegas Strip. Here’s the breakdown of the different spaces.

  • Slot Machines: 135,011 square feet
  • Table Games: 6,919 square feet
  • Sportsbook: 10,247 square feet
  • Bingo: 9,700 square feet
  • Keno: 2,074 square feet

Unlike many of the larger off-strip casinos, Sunset Station doesn’t have a poker room.

There are many Las Vegas locals casinos with huge casino floors. One of the larger casinos could measure even higher next year.

This report doesn’t include the new Green Valley Ranch high-limit gaming areas. The 143,890 square feet of gaming space could be a little higher when the updated report is released.

Durango Casino opened in December so it wasn’t included in this year’s list like Fontainebleau. Until the property expands, it won’t challenge to be one of the largest gaming spaces when the report is updated.

Before opening, Station Casinos (NASDAQ: RRR) was planning for an 83,000-square-foot gaming floor.

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