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New National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program Could Launch This Summer

Written By Katarina Vojvodic | Updated:
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A new problem gambling initiative will launch in New England this summer and expand west and south in the coming months.

The National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (NVSEP) was initiated by idPair, Inc., a start-up committed to providing invaluable insights and tools to create a safer and more informed gambling environment.

Two concepts guide this initiative:

  1. Individuals in need of seamless access to a National Voluntary Self-Exclusion list regardless of geographical location
  2. Alignment of data sets for a single portal of current regulatory information and evolving public health resources.

The NVSEP is ready to start in New England and expand

Starting in New England, the program is ready to expand across the country. The National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program aims to improve access for those struggling with problem gambling and gambling addiction.

As idPair continues to develop NVSEP, it encourages gaming regulators from additional states to engage in this initiative.

CEO of the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health (MACGH) Marlene Warner commented via an idPair, Inc. press release:

“A national program has been needed for a long time, and I am thrilled that New England has the potential to lead the way with this remarkable step forward to a more seamless approach to Voluntary Self-Exclusion.

With the National VSE Program, individuals will soon have a unified platform for seeking help and support across the entire United States and receiving up-to-date information as it’s needed. I encourage all state gaming regulators to join this initiative to provide a stronger safety net for consumers.”

State regulatory bodies interested in joining the National VSE Program are encouraged to contact idPair for more information on how to include their state-specific programs in the national program.

Jonathan Aiwazian, CEO of idPair, said: “States do not have to change the terms of their individual programs to join NVSEP, a key detail that solves a problem that had held back this advancement in player protection for so long.”

The program will be discussed in more detail at several upcoming industry events, including today’s East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City (April 18).

Program tool uses a single process for seamless access across multiple states

Individuals who register for the NVSEP can choose between state and countrywide options. Players can restrict themselves from access to either land-based or US online casinos or both options. Furthermore, they can set locations where these restrictions should apply.

Aiwazian said consumers can exclude themselves from as many or as few states and products as they choose. He explained: “While current self-exclusion protections don’t travel, people do, and we look forward to working with more states to use technology to provide a more comprehensive level of protection for those who need it most.”

Moreover, individuals who sign up to the program will get access to:

  • Problem gambling resources
  • Mental health and addiction services
  • National Problem Gambling Helpline
  • Voluntary self-exclusion FAQs

Dr. Michelle Malkin, director of the Gambling Research and Policy Initiative (GRPI) at East Carolina University, concluded:

“Conducting research on voluntary-self exclusion (VSE) has shown that the process can be confusing for those seeking help, especially if they are looking to VSE across multiple jurisdictions. Having an opportunity to engage with the tool using a single process across states will assist those using VSE as a deterrent to gamble and will help make VSE easier to understand which may increase engagement.”

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