No Gambling Policy In Effect For Chiefs And 49ers Players In Las Vegas

Written By Marc Meltzer on January 29, 2024 - Last Updated on February 16, 2024
San Francisco 49ers Play Kansas City Chiefs

The teams that will play in the first Las Vegas Super Bowl have been decided. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium on Feb. 11.

The newest addition to the Las Vegas skyline lit up after the matchup was decided on Sunday.

Fans of both teams will flock to Las Vegas to cheer on their favorite team. While the fans will be able to gamble on the game and thousands of prop bets only available for the Big Game their favorite players won’t be able to gamble while in Las Vegas.

Participating players cannot gamble in any way, shape, or form while in Las Vegas.

The NFL is tightening its rules for players gambling with the Big Game taking place in Las Vegas.

NFL gambling rules for players participating in Super Bowl LVIII

Front Office Sports obtained a message sent to NFL teams in Sept.

“While in Las Vegas, players participating in the Super Bowl are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling, including casino games and betting on any sport.”

This means players taking part in the Big Game and visiting a Las Vegas casino cannot:

  • Play table games like blackjack, roulette, and craps
  • Wager on sports – football or otherwise
  • Play slot machines or video poker

The rule is straightforward and should be easy for players to understand. The teams are taking the policy seriously enough that they’re staying about 30 minutes away from the main casino district in Las Vegas.

Arash Markazi from The Messenger notes that both teams are staying at hotels in Lake Las Vegas.

NFL gambling rules for players not taking part in the Big Game

The NFL has slightly different rules for players visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl but not participating in the game. FOS shares more about how this rule will affect NFL players not partaking in the Big Game:

”They may engage in legal gambling, the correspondence states—but they may not bet on the NFL at any time or go in a sportsbook until the Super Bowl is over.”

Non-participating players may gamble at games like blackjack or slots in the casino. However, they may not wager on sports or walk into a sportsbook.

There is one exception to this rule. These NFL players may walk through a sportsbook – but not place wagers – if it’s on the way to another venue inside of a casino.

Some sportsbooks, like Caesars Palace, for example, are open to the entire casino but next to a venue like Omnia. Players are known to make paid appearances or party at nightclubs. This sportsbook is also near numerous restaurants where players may want to dine.

The NFL updated its rules on sports betting last year after suspending numerous players.

Gambling in Las Vegas during Super Bowl week

Super Bowl weekend is one of the busiest in Las Vegas for sports fans every year. Between fans, media, the corporations visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, the number of people in Las Vegas should be greater than usual.

When Las Vegas is busy, the minimum bets at table games increase. The Vegas Strip is typically hit hardest by this change since more visitors stay in this part of town.

This will be no different for Super Bowl week. Most media in Las Vegas will be staying at Luxor.

Radio Row and most media events will take place at Mandalay Bay. Super Bowl LVIII will be played across I-15 at Allegiant Stadium.

While the media is located on the south end of the Vegas Strip, Super Bowl activities will take place throughout Las Vegas.

Higher table game minimum bets

Visitors should expect to see higher minimum wagers at table games at casinos on the Vegas Strip. Casinos that normally offer $15 minimum bets may increase to a lowest wager of $25 or higher. Similarly, the high-end casinos where minimums typically start at $25 will be $50 or more during the busiest nights.

While most of the minimum bet increases will take place on the Vegas Strip, it could happen elsewhere too. Downtown Las Vegas and off-strip casinos might also have higher minimum bets but it won’t be as noticeable as the Vegas Strip.

In-person registration required for new online sports betting apps

Additionally, mobile sports betting in Nevada is different than in the rest of the country. Online betting with Silver State sportsbooks is different than most states in the country.

Anyone who wants to open a mobile sports betting account must do so in person at a casino. Once the account is established, players can fund the apps using their mobile devices.

Since there are so many people visiting there will likely be large crowds in the sportsbooks with bettors placing wagers and opening accounts. Anyone visiting should try to open a mobile sports betting account as soon as possible to avoid long waits in the sportsbook on Super Bowl weekend.

Also note that popular online sportsbooks like DraftKings, ESPNBet, and FanDuel are not available in Nevada.

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