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Resorts World Las Vegas Casino Updates Genting Rewards Program

Written By Marc Meltzer on June 9, 2023
Neon Playing Cards with Resorts World Logo. Updates on the Las Vegas casino's rewards program

Two years after opening, Resorts World Las Vegas is updating its rewards program. The changes to Genting Rewards aren’t drastic but will be noticeable to most members.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that Genting Rewards earned in Las Vegas cannot be used at other Resorts World properties around the world.

The update is happening in the middle of the year because Genting Rewards works on a June 1- May 30 calendar. Many Las Vegas reward programs operate using different dates. For example, MGM Rewards uses a January 1 – December 31 calendar.

Resorts World Las Vegas Genting Rewards single-point system

Genting Rewards uses a single-point earning system. When a guest uses their Genting Rewards card at Resorts World they will receive the same number of Genting Bonus Points and Genting Base Points.

Slot machine players will earn extra Bonus Points as they move to a greater tier status with Genting Point Boost. Bonus Points can be used as comps for goods, services, or free play.

Earning Genting Rewards points remain the same. However, the new Genting Rewards make it more difficult for guests to gain access to higher tiers and better benefits.

There are now only four Genting Rewards tier levels

The most noticeable change for Genting Rewards is that Resorts World reduced the number of tier levels from six to four. Instead of reaching the second tier of the Genting Rewards program by earning 20,000 Base Points, guests will have to earn 75,000 points.

Some members will notice that their tier level has been changed due to the new Genting Rewards structure. Everyone starts at the new Royal tier level.

Here are the new Genting Rewards tier levels and how many Base Points it will take to reach them:

  • Royal: 0-74,999
  • Prime: 75,000-249,999
  • Monarch: 250,000-999,999
  • Imperial: 1,000,000 or more

Resorts World guests can increase their tier status by earning points on and off the Las Vegas casino floor. While the tier levels have changed, the earning rate remains the same.

What are the tier-level benefits?

The new tier levels come with different benefits. Tier status and accompanying benefits are active from June 1-May 31.

Each Genting Rewards tier status includes benefits from all lower levels. Some benefits require earning points at Resorts World since the property may match reward club tiers with other reward programs.

The tier benefit differences are relatively modest with each level. Here are the standout benefits for each new tier level of Genting Rewards.

Royal (everyone)

  • Free self-parking
  • Exclusive offers


  • 10% Genting Point Boost on slot machines
  • Dining credit up to $250 (must earn 75,000 points)
  • Priority check-in
  • Invitation to upper-tier events and tournaments


  • 25% Genting Point Boost on slot machines
  • Dining credit up to $350 (must earn 250,000 points)
  • Airfare Reimbursement up to $350 (must earn 250,000 points)
  • Early check-in when available
  • Late checkout when available


  • 40% Genting Point Boost on slot machines
  • Dining credit up to $5000 (must earn 1,000,000 points)
  • Airfare Reimbursement up to $500 (must earn 1,000,000 points)
  • Free valet parking

The different tier benefits for Genting Rewards are similar to other programs on the Vegas Strip.

Free self-parking for all members is reason enough to sign up for Genting Rewards. This is a $10 savings every time someone drives to Resorts World.

While free parking is important to visitors, it’s interesting that complimentary valet at Resorts World is only unlocked after a member reaches the top tier of Genting Rewards. This benefit is available at lower levels for most other Vegas Strip casinos.

How to earn Genting Rewards points

Even though Genting Rewards has changed, earning points is the same. Guests will receive the same number of Genting Bonus Points and Genting Base Points for each dollar spent at the property.

Here are the current rates for Genting Rewards members to earn points:

  • Slot machines: Earn three (3) Genting Points for every $1 played
  • Video poker: Earn three (3) Genting Points for every $3.50 played
  • Table games: Earn Genting Points based on the type of game, average bet, and length of play.
  • Retail, spa, food, and beverage: Earn one (1) Genting Point for every $5 spent
  • Dayclub and nightclub: Earn one (1) Genting Point for every $1 spent
  • Convention groups & celebrations: Ask about Genting Points upon booking

Some video poker and slot machines may have lower earning rates. This will be noted on the specific machines.

There are a few non-gaming venues where members do not earn Genting Rewards points. Some of the expenses that do not offer points are hotel rooms, The Kitchen Café, room service, mini bar, and pool bars.

As noted, upper-tier level members of Genting Rewards receive a Genting Point boost of 10%-40% when playing slot machines. This is an incentive to keep players spending money on some of the more profitable games in a casino.

Every 5,000 Genting Bonus Points is equal to $5 in resort comps. Genting Rewards members may use this for free play on slot machines or at participating non-gaming outlets at Resorts World.

Visit Resorts World for complete terms and conditions.

Genting badges and games are another way to interact with the Las Vegas casino

Genting Badges and games are superfluous to Genting Rewards but offer another way to interact with the program. Some may see badges similar to STN Charms from Station Casinos.

Genting Games are interactive games such as a wheel spin or memory match. These will unlock certain Genting Badges for prizes.

Genting Badges offer rewards and recognition to all Genting Rewards members.

Members can view badges or play games on the Resorts World Las Vegas app. These can also be viewed on the casino floor by choosing the Badges tab on a Genting Rewards kiosk. Some games are only available on the app.

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