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Everything You Need To Know About The New Rio Rewards Program

Written By Marc Meltzer | Updated:
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Rio Las Vegas has new owners and a new rewards program. As we mentioned last week, Rio Reward is replacing Caesars Rewards.

The new program offers guests points for all money spent at the property from the casino to dining and shows.

To make the changes on guests easy, most Caesars Rewards members who have visited Rio since late 2017 will already have an account. Guests must pick up a new card at one of the Rio Rewards desks or a loyalty kiosk on the casino floor.

Rio Rewards says it will match offers from other Las Vegas casinos. Specific details aren’t available at this time.

While Hyatt will operate the hotel in Rio Las Vegas, the property is not part of the World of Hyatt program.

How to earn Rio Rewards points

Guests can earn Rio Rewards points for all money spent at the property. Visitors will earn two (2) Rio Rewards points per $1 spent outside of gambling on dining, shows, and shopping. It should be noted not all non-gaming outlets at the property will reward guests with points.

Here’s a breakdown of the different rates players will earn Rio Rewards points in the casino:

  • Slot machines: One (1) point per $1.25
  • Standalone roulette and keno: One (1) point per $5
  • Video poker and Table games (includes most Electronic Table Games: One (1) point per $10
  • 3:2 Blackjack: One (1) point per $30

William Hill operates the Rio Las Vegas sportsbook. Wagers on sports do not earn Rio Rewards points.

Some games may have different earning rates. Rio will post that information at the game. 500 points earned from gaming equals $5 in Free Play (Frio Play). Non-gaming points cannot be used for Free Play.

Points from gaming are based on coin-in and play-through. This is the amount of money played in total. This isn’t the amount of money a player inserts into machines or buys in with at tables.

Some Rio Reward points may not all show up on a player’s account immediately. It could take up to seven days for non-gaming spending to reach Rio Rewards accounts.

Rio Reward points expire after 12 months of account inactivity, visit Rio Rewards for more information.

About the Rio Rewards tier levels

Like most Las Vegas casino loyalty programs, Rio Rewards features four tier levels. Guests start at Rouge and can climb to Azul, Gold, and Platinum as they spend more money at the property.

  • Rouge: All
  • Azul: Earn 10,000 points
  • Gold: Earn 50,000 points
  • Platinum: Earn 250,000 points

Benefits increase as guests climb tier levels. Rio Rewards perks include complimentary hotel rooms, complimentary show tickets, early check-in /late check-out, monthly dining credits, daily drink vouchers, and more.

Rio Rewards is not matching tier levels from other Las Vegas casino loyalty programs at this time. The company says this could change.

Any change in tier status will last for the remainder of the calendar year. Rio Rewards tier levels reset to zero on the first day of each year.

Rio Rewards tier benefits

One thing sets Rio Rewards apart from some Las Vegas casino loyalty programs. There’s a significant jump in benefits from the entry level to the second tier.

Most Las Vegas rewards programs don’t have such a large increase in benefits until the third level. This should make it easier for Rio guests to earn benefits with an actual dollar value quickly.

For example, most Vegas Strip casinos don’t waive resort fees until a guest reaches an upper tier. Guests unlock these savings when they move just one tier at Rio Rewards. This is a $39 per night value.

There are more benefits such as complimentary drinks, dining vouchers, celebration awards, and show tickets that have an actual retail value.

Each tier includes benefits from lower tiers. Here are some highlights of the different perks each tier offers:


  • Best hotel room rate guarantee
  • Pool access with a plus-one


  • One complimentary room night per year (if available)
  • $50 Tier Celebration Anywhere Points
  • $15 monthly dining voucher
  • One complimentary drink per day at select casino bars
  • Two complimentary show tickets per year (only once total)
  • Complimentary resort fee
  • Early check-in and Invited Guest check-in line


  • Two complimentary room nights per year (if available)
  • Complimentary room upgrade (if available)
  • $200 Tier Celebration Anywhere Points
  • $25 monthly dining voucher
  • Two complimentary drinks per day at select casino bars
  • VIP lounge check-in
  • Late check-out


  • Three complimentary room nights per year (if available)
  • Complimentary room upgrade (if available)
  • $500 Tier Celebration Anywhere Points
  • $50 monthly dining voucher
  • Three complimentary drinks per day at select casino bars
  • Airport Transportation

Certain benefits, like pool access, won’t be available until next year. Find the Rio Rewards terms and conditions here.

Skip the main check-in line

One of the more underrated benefits of each upper-tier level of Rio Rewards is dedicated hotel check-in lines. The previous owner notoriously understaffed the hotel, creating ridiculously long lines for guests.

The Invited Guest line will be useful for any Rio Rewards member Azul and better to avoid the massive line. Gold and Platinum members of Rio Rewards can avoid lines altogether with the VIP check-in lounge.

Photo by Rio Las Vegas; illustrated by PlayUSA
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