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Slots-A-Fun At Circus Circus Is Bringing Value To The Vegas Strip

Written By Marc Meltzer on March 13, 2024
General View Of Circus Circus Las Vegas Casino

One of the biggest complaints over the past couple of years from visitors in Las Vegas is that everything has gotten too expensive. Prices have especially risen to new heights on the Vegas Strip where, anecdotally, drink prices have seemingly doubled over the past five years or so.

One of the oldest casinos on the Vegas Strip is hoping to change the perception. Circus Circus recently unveiled some changes at the Slots-A-Fun. This is the small annex casino at Circus Circus that stretches out to the Vegas Strip.

New offerings include vintage slot machines and downright cheap food and drink. The new items are a stark contrast from the glitzy new Fontainebleau that opened last year right across the street.

Shana Gerety, general manager of Circus Circus told the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“With all of the new casinos that were popping up, it was important for us to create something that would allow Circus Circus to stand out again, and old vintage Vegas and the old coin slots was definitely something that draws people in.”

Circus Circus already has a vintage feel. It also has some of the least expensive hotel rooms on the Vegas Strip.

The vintage and inexpensive updates to Slots-A-Fun fit perfectly at Circus Circus.

Mostly coin-in slot machines at Circus Circus’ Slots-A-Fun

The first thing visitors at Slots-A-Fun might notice is that the old property has been cleaned up and looks newly vintage. A touch of paint here and there and a little elbow grease was enough to refresh the small casino.

Secondly, visitors will notice that the casino now offers mostly vintage coin-operated slot machines. The 75 or so slot machines at Slots-A-Fun are a mix of quarter, dollar, and even some $5 games.

Slots-A-Fun has none of the very popular penny slots. Sorry, there are no slot machines yelling BUFFALOOOOOOO throughout the casino.

While the term “penny slots” sounds like a less expensive game, they can cost more than a three-credit quarter slot machine. Additionally, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s monthly revenue reports, casinos often “win” more the smaller the denomination is for a slot machine.

Most of the coin-operated slot machines were already operating inside the main Circus Circus casino. The Las Vegas casino operator decided to move the games as part of making Slots-A-Fun a throwback option at the part of the property.

While guests can play with coins, the machines are outfitted with bill acceptors. Players can also use cash when playing the vintage slot machines.

The coin-operated slot machines are getting much of the attention at Slots-A-Fun because this is the only Vegas Strip casino that offers these games. However, the casino also has a few other gaming options.

There are a few table games at Slots-A-Fun. Depending on the day and time, the minimum bet for blackjack and roulette can be as low as $5. There’s also a Roll To Win craps game available.

Additionally, Slots-A-Fun has bartop gaming machines with video poker and keno.

Cheap eats and drinks at Las Vegas’ Slots-A-Fun casino

The bar at Slots-A-Fun also offers a few cheap items to eat and drink. The bar offers the following items for just $2 each:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Popcorn
  • Shrimp Cocktails
  • Draft Beer

For comparison, a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza across the street at Fontainebleau’s Miami Slice will cost a guest $9. A visitor could get one of each item at Slots-A-Fun for less money. Not a bad deal!

Ongoing Circus Circus makeover

Last year owner Phil Ruffin invested around $30 million into renovating Circus Circus. Visitors might notice the bright pink striping that resembles a circus tent on the exterior of the casino.

Other changes at Circus Circus included a larger pool, new midway rides and attractions, and an arcade called The Garage. The refresh of the property continued into this year.

On March 1, the SpongeBob SquarePants-themed Dark Ride opened. Rebranding Slots-A-Fun as a vintage casino is just the latest in the years-long upgrade of Circus Circus.

Over the next year or so, hotel guests might notice more infrastructure upgrades. The 30+ elevators at the casino will all be modernized by the end of next year.

Photo by AP Photo/John Locher
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