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PayNearMe Adds Enhanced Fraud Protection With Accertify Partnership

Written By Katarina Vojvodic | Updated:
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The world of online gaming and sports betting is quickly evolving and requires constant security and fraud prevention development.

With that in mind, payment platform company PayNearMe partnered with American Express subsidiary, Accertify, to implement fraud prevention technology into its platform.

This partnership intends to improve security standards and fraud prevention capabilities for gambling operators by enhancing payment processing security.

Accertify will integrate into the MoneyLine platform to help reduce fraud

Accertify’s integration into the MoneyLine platform will allow real-money online casino and sports betting operators to detect and minimize fraudulent fund withdrawals through a unified platform.

The new integration enables PayNearMe users to leverage a machine learning-driven approach to:

  • Identify threats
  • Help reduce fraud
  • Deliver a better player experience

Partnering with Accertify should strengthen PayNearMe’s offerings, making it more appealing to operators. Chief Product Officer John Minor said in a PayNearMe press release:

“PayNearMe and Accertify can now empower our operators to proactively ensure their players are who they say they are, via intelligent access to Accertify’s community database, which already protects many of the largest operators in the iGaming space.

Accertify’s machine learning technology analyzes this vast body of community data and alerts PayNearMe’s MoneyLine platform to authenticate transactions or, when needed, dynamically tighten security measures to help protect from account takeovers and promotional abuse without unnecessary added friction.”

Enhancing sports betting operators’ relationship with players

Accertify is famous for its advanced fraud detection and prevention technology, which uses artificial intelligence to identify potential threats. Accertify’s technology assists in identifying suspicious activity, which can improve acceptance rates of debit or credit cards and reduce deposit declines.

The technology also verifies player identities and automates the withdrawal approval process, allowing players to access their funds quickly. Mark Michelon, president of Accertify, explained:

“Accertify’s platform protects many of the largest brands in the world. Our machine learning, device intelligence and user behavior analytics are designed to prevent fraud and abuse while helping to maintain and grow iGaming and sports betting operators’ relationships with their players.

We are pleased to work with PayNearMe to bring our fraud solutions to their clients and provide operators with a more comprehensive and effective way to detect and prevent fraud.”

These essential technological updates benefit players and operators by improving the gambling industry’s connectivity.

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