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Martin Harris is a freelance contributor to PlayUSA currently living in North Carolina. He has reported on poker, gambling, and sports betting for a variety of outlets since the mid-2000s. His career includes extensive experience reporting on online poker and from numerous poker tours, including from the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour, the Latin American Poker Tour, and the Asian Pacific Poker Tour.

Martin has an English Ph.D. (Indiana University) and has taught full- or part-time at multiple colleges and universities since the 1990s. He currently teaches courses on poker, politics, and film in the American Studies program at UNC Charlotte.

In 2019, Martin’s book Poker & Pop Culture was published by D&B Books. The book covers the history of poker in the United States with special emphasis on the game’s depiction in literature, film, music, and other mainstream contexts. In 2020 the book won a Global Poker Award for Written Media Content of the Year.

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Poker & Pop Culture: Telling the Story of America’s Favorite Card Game (2019)
Leatherface vs. Tricky Dick: ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ as Political Satire (2021)

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