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Skills & Slots Casino Promo Code & Review

Skills & Slots brands itself as an “online sweepstakes slots & fish” platform. At first glance, the site may seem like any other social and sweepstakes casino. However, upon further review, we wouldn’t feel comfortable playing there. Rather than simply signing up and playing games, Skills and Slots requires players to create an account, log in, and funnel credits to a specific gaming platform, where they can play games. We would feel much more comfortable at true social and sweepstakes casinos.

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Based on our time exploring Skills & Slots and the general consensus of other players, we can’t recommend it. Read our full review to find out why you’re better off using a different social/sweepstakes casino site.

What is the currency at Skills & Slots?

Frankly, the process for getting in-game currency is muddled at The platform requires players to deposit, which is a big red flag. True sweepstakes casinos only allow purchases, not deposits.

Players at Skills & Slots can select “deposit” and enter a USD amount. The system will then convert that amount into Bitcoin. Skills & Slots then requires players to send that amount to a Bitcoin wallet address provided after the deposit request is made.

After that’s complete, players receive credits, which they can transfer to any of the available game software platforms on Skills & Slots.

How to get more credits

The easiest way to get more credits at Skills and Slots is to make additional deposits. However, we strongly discourage you from doing so, as making real money deposits is not allowed at legal sweepstakes casinos. All signs point to Skills and Slots being a platform that we cannot recommend.

What is the premium currency at Skills & Slots?

As mentioned above, Skills & Slots uses a supremely convoluted model that obscures how its currencies work. This is already a sign that you should steer clear.

The site does allow redemptions as far as we can tell. Once you’re ready to redeem, you can select “redeem credits” from within the particular gaming software you’re using. Redemptions are then shunted to an internal review. Once approved, users can “withdraw” to a Bitcoin wallet.

The mere presence of the word “withdraw” is a bad sign. Compliant sweepstakes casinos only allow redemptions, never withdrawals. The fact that Bitcoin is the only option further seals the deal: Skills & Slots is not a site we would recommend.

How to get more premium currency at Skills & Slots

Skills & Slots doesn’t distinguish between standard credits and premium currency, so the only way to get more is to deposit. Again, this is a big reason to avoid the site, as depositing funds is not allowed at legal sweepstakes casinos.

Skills and Slots full review

Below, we grade Skills & Slots on the categories that most players look for in a social or sweepstakes casino. We’ll use a standard letter grade system, in which an A+ is sheer perfection and an F is abject failure.

In general, we’re grading Skills & Slots against other social and sweepstakes casinos. (Spoiler warning: it’s not good.)

Skills and Slots bonuses and promotions grade: C-

The Skills & Slots model makes bonuses and promotions hard to find and claim. Because you can’t simply sign up and play, promos require a deeper dive into the site’s offerings.

This category gets a C- because it’s not an outright failure. Each gaming platform within Skills & Slots offers its fair share of promotions and bonuses. For example, Golden Dragon players get a $1 free entry each day.

Other gaming platforms within the site advertise promotions, but they’re nearly impossible to decipher. For example, the RSweeps description says “Bounceback like like [sic] $5 free for $20 and up to $10 for $20 on a daily basis.” Seriously—no typos on our end, that’s what it said verbatim at the time of our review. We have no idea what that means, and we couldn’t figure it out during our time with the site.

Skills and Slots website and mobile app grade: D

This section is particularly hard to grade. Skills & Slots is essentially an aggregator, allowing players to deposit and jump into different gaming platforms. As a result, the core website is a glorified menu with a dozen gaming providers listed.

At the time of writing, five of those operators were blocked, with “Temporarily Unavailable” written over their thumbnails.

Each available platform allows you to download an app to play the games. These vary wildly in quality and ease of use. In many cases, we felt iffy about allowing these platforms access to our devices. Do so at your own risk.

Skills & Slots game library grade: B-

Here’s something relatively positive we can say about Skills & Slots. It has an OK game library, provided you can jump through all the hoops required to play them.

Each of Skills & Slots’ connected gaming platforms has different games. Here’s a quick look at the games available.

Downloadable PlatformGames Available
Golden Dragon- 22 Slots
- 2 Fish
- 3 Pick'em
- 2 Keno
Orion Stars- 20 Slots
- 16 Fish
Fire Kirin- 20 Slots
- 16 Fish
RSweeps- 67 Slots
- 5 Fish
- 5 Keno
Gemini- 25 Slots
- 5 Fish
- Keno
- Bingo
- Greyhound racing
- Horse racing
- Roulette
- Blackjack
Ultra MonsterSlots (other games may be available but were not listed)
V-Power- 68 Slots
- 19 Fish
- 5 Table games
Blue Dragon- 41 Slots
- 4 Fish
- 6 Table games

Most of these games are self-explanatory. Slot-style games make up the vast majority, but there’s one category that’s relatively new to the online gaming scene: fish.

What are fish games?

Skills & Slots offers dozens of “fish” games. In these titles, players control a harpoon and try to spear fish as they swim across the screen. Bigger fish yield more points. The number and point values of the fish you catch yield bigger wins at the end of the game.

The inclusion of fish games is a big reason for the slightly above-average grade Skills & Slots gets in this category. They’re fun; no two ways about it.

Spreading things too thin

One look at the table above, and you’ll see Skills & Slots has a solid variety of games. The problem? They’re spread across eight different platforms. This means if you like a game on one platform and a separate game on another, you’d have to switch between distinct apps to play both titles. Plus, you’d need to transfer your credits between the platforms whenever you want to play at one or the other.

Compare this to actual sweepstakes sites, and Skills & Slots falls woefully short. Some sites boast more than 500 games on a single platform alone.

While it’s important to give Skills & Slots credit for the variety it does have, the way it operates obscures and complicates the game selection to the point of not being worth it.

Skills & Slots deposit and withdrawal methods grade: D

First and foremost, it’s important to note that we do not recommend you use Skills & Slots. There are many reasons for this, but in particular, the deposit and withdrawal methods are red flags.

Skills & Slots only offers deposits via Bitcoin. To deposit, players need to enter a USD amount, and they’ll receive a Bitcoin wallet address.

The two easiest ways to send Bitcoin if you don’t already have it are via Cash App or Changelly, both of which are offered by Skills & Slots as top methods.

Naturally, it’s hard to recommend depositing at Skills & Slots because it requires you to either A) have Bitcoin already or B) acquire it. Cryptocurrency is volatile and unregulated; we don’t encourage you to buy it.

Withdrawals are as difficult as deposits, if not more so. You must request a redemption through the casino platform where your credits are currently held, and then wait for approval. Only after that approval can you withdraw to your existing Bitcoin wallet. So if you are hoping to withdraw from four different platforms, it’s a very complicated experience.

To summarize: we would not recommend depositing or withdrawing at Skills & Slots. We recommend avoiding the platform completely.

Skills & Slots customer service options grade: C-

Skills & Slots automatically opens a live chat window when you first visit the website. It has three auto-populated issues you can select if you need help, or you can simply type a question in. Doing so brings up a form asking for your name, phone number, email address, and message. Of those, only an email and message are required to start a chat.

For this review, we asked customer service if Skills & Slots is legal in the US. The agent responded by saying the company is based in Costa Rica, then referred us to the website’s “About Us” page. That page, unsurprisingly, offered no answer to the question. Red, meet flag.

We followed up by rephrasing the question. After 20 minutes, the agent offered more clarification. They said Skills & Slots operates under the gaming laws of Costa Rica and that they are not required to have a license because they “only offer the software as operators” and don’t own the casinos. Huge red, meet huge flag.

As far as customer service goes, we have to give Skills & Slots credit because they have multiple options available, and the agent responded immediately. However, the response wasn’t helpful in any way and even somewhat evasive. That said, if we had asked a more traditional question, perhaps we would have gotten a more straightforward response.

However, as we note in the section below, other users report a lot of concerns with customer service at Skills & Slots, so we cannot go any higher than a C-.

What others are saying about Skills and Slots

We’re not alone in our trepidation toward Skills & The consensus is that users should stay far away.

On Facebook, Skills & Slots has only 418 followers. A handful of posts have comments on them, and most are resoundingly negative. Some accuse Skills & Slots of taking deposits without crediting accounts or refusing to pay winnings.

On other review sites, things look equally bleak for Skills and Slots. The common threads in reviews are that deposits go missing with no help in sight and that customer service is essentially nonexistent.

Some reviews offer praise for Skills and Slots, but they mention suspiciously high wins and always seem to be the outliers among overwhelmingly negative feedback.

Skills and Slots final grade: D+

As a result of its many flaws and shortcomings, we cannot recommend Skills & Slots. We encourage you to try more reputable social and sweepstakes casinos. There are so many options out there that won’t make you worry about your financial security, don’t require currency exchanges, and don’t necessitate downloading multiple apps.

How to open a Skills & Slots account

At the risk of sounding like a broken record…we do not recommend you create a Skills & Slots account. However, if you choose to, here’s how to go about it.

The sign-up process requires your first and last name, email address, phone number, and a driver’s license, state ID, or passport. After entering that info, players must accept the terms and conditions, confirm they’re 21 or older, and acknowledge Skills & Slots’ policies.

Account confirmation can take a few days because Skills & Slots must confirm your identity using the provided ID and details.

Can you trust Skills & Slots?

In our view, the answer is “no.” For us to say “yes,” we would have to feel confident that you will be able to redeem any winnings for cash prizes. And honestly, we cannot feel confident about that. As we mentioned above, stories abound online with people saying that deposits were lost or withdrawals were never processed. So, again, we would not feel comfortable using Skills & Slots.

Skills & Slots background

The Skills & Slots website is based in Costa Rica. We could find little-to-no information about the parent company.

The company’s “About Us” page is vague at best. The copy on the page is boilerplate stuff that thinly describes the platform. The absence of concrete information about Skills and Slots’ legal status as a company is one more reason we can’t recommend it.

Skills & Slots is essentially an aggregator of various other sweepstakes and social casinos. Each platform has its own promotions and bonuses, so there isn’t a promo code for the main Skills and Slots site.

Skills & Slots accepts only Bitcoin, which you can deposit using Changelly or Cash App, then send to the wallet address Skills & Slots gives you.

Each platform at Skills & Slots has different games, though slots and fishing games are the most common types. Some of the platforms have keno, table games, and pick’ems.

We don’t feel comfortable using Skills & Slots. Fundamentally, social and sweepstakes casinos are not supposed to let you gamble real money directly, but that is what Skills & Slots does. Plus, many people report that their money was mishandled at the site. We would strongly suggest using one of our recommended social and sweepstakes instead. You could try Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, Funzpoints, Pulsz, and many others.

No. Skills & Slots only accepts Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. PayPal is not offered.

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