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Clubs Poker Review – Play Online Poker with Friends

Clubs Poker is a user-friendly site that allows you to set up online poker games for friends, family, and colleagues. You can start a video chat room or audio chat room for everyone at the table, allowing you all to interact while the action unfolds. The cards will be dealt, and players can fold, call, or raise—just like they would when playing poker in person.

Our Clubs Poker review will explain how this online poker platform works. We will discuss the poker variants it covers and the different formats you can choose. You will also discover how to set up a game or tournament, establish the blinds, invite friends, and begin playing. We have reviewed the software, the customer support, and the special features, so continue reading to learn more about Clubs Poker.

How does Clubs Poker work?

Clubs Poker makes it quick and easy for poker players to set up tournaments and games. You can then invite friends to play online from anywhere in the country. It essentially allows you to set up fun poker nights, home games, or company bonding events without the need for everyone to be in the same place.

The sign-up process takes less than a minute. You will then be able to create your game or poker tournament. It allows you to choose the blinds and recommend a starting stack of chips if you opt for a game. Click “Create Game,” and you will be presented with a virtual table. Choose a seat, and Clubs Poker will then provide you with a unique link to invite friends via email, SMS, or any other means.

A message will appear on the screen when anyone requests to enter the game, and you can instantly approve them. This means your friends do not need to set up their own accounts with Clubs Poker. Only the host needs to sign up. When everyone has taken their seat, the game or tournament can begin.

The cards will be dealt at random to each player. You can choose to call, raise, or fold, and the action will continue until the game or tournament ends.

Clubs Poker also offers the option to set up audio chat rooms or video chat rooms via Zoom, so you can all see one another and chat while the action takes place.

Games available at Clubs Poker

There are two poker variants available at Clubs Poker: No Limit Hold’em and Short Deck Hold’em. The latter is also known as 6 Plus Hold’em, as all cards with a value of less than 6 are removed from the deck. If you choose Short Deck Hold’em, a flush beats a full house, and the smaller deck typically leads to a more action-packed game.

There are also two different formats at Clubs Poker, which we have discussed below.

Ring Game

This is the term that Clubs Poker uses to describe what is typically called a cash game if you are playing with friends in person. The site does not offer real money poker, so it uses the term “Ring Game” instead. However, the concept is the same as a cash game.

You can choose your own blinds, which do not change, and players can come and go as they wish. Anyone seated at the table can leave at any time. This makes it more flexible than a tournament, as players can stay for as long as they like.


Every player receives the same stack of chips at the start of a tournament. You all start at the same time, and the tournament continues until there is one winner. The blinds increase regularly to force a winner.

A tournament can be more competitive and exciting, but it does mean that players will be eliminated, forcing them to sit on the sidelines until the winner is determined. At Clubs Poker, there is a feature that allows the host to permit players to re-join at any time, even if they have lost all their chips.

When a standard poker tournament ends, the prizes are distributed to players in order of their finishing positions, with the winner taking home the lion’s share of the pot. Clubs Poker will not take any money from players, and it does not distribute funds after the tournament either. It simply provides a platform for you and your friends to play online.

Is Clubs Poker free?

It is entirely free to set up a Clubs Poker account, create games, invite friends, and play on the site. However, you can choose to pay for a hosted event. In that case, a member of the Clubs Poker team will host it online, which can make the experience more polished and professional.

These events start at $250 and are primarily designed for companies hosting virtual team outings. A business can also pay for a custom table, which includes the company’s logo, starting at $50.

However, most casual players hosting games and tournaments for friends online will not need to pay a fee.

Promotions at Clubs Poker

Clubs Poker is a free-to-use site, which does not take deposits or pay out any winnings. As such, there are no bonuses or promotions.

However, it is a feature-rich site, which offers data, replays of hands, and post-game summary reports. These are not really promotions, but they are value-added features that you can enjoy for free.

Clubs Poker software review

Clubs Poker has been designed to offer speed and simplicity. It offers a clean, uncluttered, and accessible user interface. It’s a fast and simple process to register, create a game or tournament, and then accept friends.

The graphics may be a little basic compared with those of the world’s best real money poker sites. But the Clubs Poker platform works perfectly, without any notable glitches.

Navigation is simple, and the experience is user-friendly, so it is ideal for anyone who wants to create free online games and tournaments. The chat room option works seamlessly too, although there may be connectivity issues if any of your guests have a poor internet connection.

The post-game summary is detailed, but the information is laid out in an intuitive, digestible format. If you opt for a ring game, you can check out stats such as the biggest winner, the player that won the most hands, the largest pot, each player’s hand strength, and more advanced stats like VPIP and preflop raise.

Clubs Poker app

Clubs Poker does not offer a native app. However, you can access a mobile-optimized version of the site through the browser on any iOS or Android device. It works best if you turn your phone to landscape mode, which will allow you to see the digital poker table in full, and it will also make it easier to read the card values.

The mobile platform is similar to the desktop site. The design is elegant and stripped-back, but you can pull up some helpful features with ease. Navigation is just as simple on a mobile device, and the site seemed to be reliable and free of glitches when we tried it out.

How to sign up at Clubs Poker

The sign-up process is easy at Clubs Poker.

  1. Click the link on this page to visit the site and hit “Start playing now.”
  2. Choose a nickname, enter your email address, and click “Sign up.”
  3. Enter a six-digit code sent to your inbox. You will then be able to create a ring game or tournament, invite friends, and start playing.

Existing members can then simply enter their email address and enter a code sent via email to sign in at any time. No other personal details are taken, and you do not need to deposit any funds.

Clubs Poker customer support options

There is only one customer support option right now. You can send an email to [email protected], and a member of the team will reply in due course. Clubs Poker is also on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter), so you could try sending a DM on one of those platforms, but email is the recommended option. There is a blog too, which provides useful information, including video tutorials from founder Taylor Crane.

Clubs Poker FAQ

What is Clubs Poker?

This platform allows you to create online poker games and invite your friends to take part via Zoom. Everyone can then play from the comfort of their own homes while interacting in the accompanying video chat room.

Can you win real money at Clubs Poker?

Clubs Poker is simply a platform that allows you to set up poker games and tournaments between friends. It does not require you to make a deposit, and the site does not pay out any prize money either. However, you are free to determine your own prize structure between friends as you deem fit.

What is a ring game?

A “ring game” is the term that Clubs Poker uses to describe what is traditionally called a cash game. It simply means that players can join the game and leave at any time.

What poker variants are available at Clubs Poker?

You can play No Limit Hold’em and Short Deck Hold’em at Clubs Poker. Short Deck Hold’em is also known as 6 Plus Hold’em, as all cards with a lower value than 6 are removed from the deck. A flush beats a full house in Short Deck Hold’em, which distinguishes it from other poker games.

Is Clubs Poker legal?

Clubs Poker is legally permitted to operate in the United States. It does not offer any form of real money poker play, so it operates in a similar manner to a social online casino. Companies can pay to have a corporate logo on the table, but the site is essentially designed for entertainment purposes.

Does every player need to sign up at Clubs Poker?

No, only the host needs to sign up for an account with Clubs Poker. That process should take less than a minute, and it is just as quick and easy to set up a game or tournament. You can then send the link to all the other players and approve them when they request to join.

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