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Blue Ribbon

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Blue Ribbon
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Do you miss the days of old-fashioned slot games? Blue Ribbon slots by Everi Interactive take you back in time to an era dominated by cartoonish sound effects, classic bar and seven symbols, and simple yet effective jackpots. The traditional design coupled with innovative bonuses offers the best of both worlds.

The purpose of the game is pretty self-explanatory: Make symbol matches along pay-lines to earn a prize. If you manage to get three double jackpots, you’ll be rewarded with the grand prize of 10,000x your bet.

What makes Blue Ribbon slot great

Here are a few features that make Blue Ribbon online slots worth checking out:

  • Four jackpots: There are four possible jackpot wins, ranging from 500x to 10,000x your bet.
  • Two wilds: This game has two wild symbols: a blue ribbon and a red ribbon.
  • Adjustable pay-lines: You can choose to activate anywhere from one to nine pay-lines.

How Blue Ribbon slot could improve

Like any slot game, Blue Ribbon slot machine has a few drawbacks:

  • Limited bonuses: There are only two bonus features (wilds and jackpots) available.
  • No progressive jackpots: The game uses standard as opposed to progressive jackpots.
  • Simple design: If you’re used to more modern games, the classic style might be too simple for your taste.

Blue Ribbon specs

NameBlue Ribbon
SoftwareEveri Interactive
RTP %0.96
Min / Max Bet$0.90 - $450
# of Pay-lines9
Max Payout10,000x
Bonus FeaturesWilds, jackpots

How to play Blue Ribbon slot online

To play Blue Ribbon online slots, start by adjusting your settings using the menu button on the bottom left. Here, you can choose your bet (from $0.90 to $450), adjust your pay-lines (from one to nine), and set the game to autoplay (up to 100 automatic spins). When you’re done, exit the settings and click the circular arrow button to spin the three reels.

Try Blue Ribbon slots for free by playing the demo version on this page, which lets you refresh the screen to retrieve unlimited credits. Alternatively, you can play slots for real money by visiting an online casino like BetMGM or the Golden Nugget online casino. After creating an account, you may deposit funds and gain access to special features, such as monthly promotional offers, cash rewards, and exclusive games. Casino bonus offers change periodically, so check the links below to get the latest bonus at sign up.

Bonus and jackpots for Blue Ribbon (Rating of 3/5)

Blue Ribbon slot machine is all about simplicity, and the bonus section is no exception. Throughout the game, you’ll experience just two bonuses: wilds and jackpots.

There are two wild symbols: the blue ribbon and the red ribbon. Both can substitute for seven and bar symbols to help players earn winning combinations. However, the blue ribbon wild has the added benefit of awarding multipliers up to 4x. These same ribbons also happen to trigger the jackpot bonus. Jackpot wins are as follows:

  • Any three ribbons: 500x
  • Three red ribbons: 1,000x
  • Three blue ribbons: 5,000x

Three blue ribbons may also award the grand jackpot prize of 10,000x your bet; however, to activate this, you must play with nine pay-lines.

Ultimately, the bonuses make these traditional slots exciting and appealing to players who are used to more modern slots. However, the game could benefit from an additional bonus or a progressive jackpot. That’s why we’d give this portion a 3/5.

Blue Ribbon graphics and visuals (Rating of 3/5)

If you’ve ever played old-fashioned slot games, then Blue Ribbon will feel familiar. The reels are loaded with seven, bar, and ribbon symbols, which are made up of red, white, and blue colors. At the top of the reels is a decorative logo imprinted upon blue stars and red stripes. As you spin and form matches, you’ll enjoy enthusiastic cartoon-like sound effects.

Overall, Blue Ribbon slots’ graphics are simple and to the point. While the design is enjoyable enough, a few additional symbols, colors, or animation would definitely be nice. After considering the pros and cons, we’d give the design a solid 3/5.

Blue Ribbon gameplay (Rating of 5/5)

Blue Ribbon slots double down on the traditional theme by offering fairly simple gameplay. Since there are just three reels and nine pay-lines, it isn’t difficult for players to keep track of wins. However, in case you need a reminder, Blue Ribbon tracks them for you — just click the clock button in the settings to view your bets, wins, and overall balance.

As you spin, you might notice that Blue Ribbon slot machine is a bit slow. Fortunately, the game offers a quick spin feature that lets you increase the speed. The highly customizable yet easy-to-navigate gameplay deserves a 5/5.

Overall rating for Blue Ribbon by Everi Interactive (Rating of 3/5)

If you’re looking for a traditional slot game that goes back to the basics, Blue Ribbon fits the bill. It offers user-friendly gameplay and simple symbols bound to trigger nostalgia. However, if you prefer innovative, flashy games filled with bonus features, this one might be too simple for you.

Ultimately, the wilds, jackpots, and nostalgic theme make for a fun experience, which is why we’d give the game a solid 3/5. For similar slots, check out Wild Wild Gems by Everi Interactive.


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